penn jillette

  • Revision3 Lands Penn Jillette For New Web Video Show, Penn Point

    Revision3 might have finally found a star bigger than its own founder Kevin Rose (who co-hosts Revsion3’s flagship show Diggnation). The Web video production house just signed magician/comedian Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller for a new show called Penn Point. The first episode will go up on May 24. The format will be a 3 to 7 minute rant by Penn on politics, news, pop culture, or… Read More

  • The TC50 Backstage Interviews: Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller

    Seems I’ve also been roped in by Sarah Lacy to act as gopher and occasional co-host for her backstage interviews with some of the event’s more interesting experts and pitchers. First up was Penn Jillette, fresh off stage from pitching the Penn and Teller iPhone app. The application essentially lets you text Penn & Teller after which they’ll perform some magic over the air. Read More

  • TC50: Penn & Teller Show Off Their iPhone Magic Trick

    The magicians Penn & Teller have this card trick. Except it’s not really a card trick, it’s an iPhone app. You tell a friend that you know Penn & Teller and that they can guess cards remotely. To prove it you ask them to name a card, then you pull out your iPhone and tell your friend to send an SMS message to Penn (or sometimes it’s Teller). They always respond… Read More

  • CES 2008 Exclusive: CrunchGear interviews Penn Jillette about, Mormons, and his choices in technology

    Penn Jillette, the long-haired half of Penn & Teller, is a quiet, sincere, restrained man. He’s known for his controversial thoughts on all manner of things, from politics to religion to the colorblind. Sony has launched a new video site called Crackle and has Jillette as a featured video blogger. The idea is that Jillette will “live blog” his life with the four HD… Read More