Disney just launched the new mobile-only version of Club Penguin

Club Penguin Island, the mobile-only replacement for the original Club Penguin (which shut down last night) has launched. Started in 2005, Club Penguin was one of the first successful virtual worlds f

Researchers Send Robotic Penguin Babies In To Monitor Real Penguins

As we approach the coming AI singularity, it will be important for the robots to move among us to track us undetected. If this article in Nature Methods is any indication, they will do this by dressin

Penguin Ice mold makes penguins.. out of ice.

I know, I know. The headline may be a bit repetitive. I just wanted to make sure that no one walked away from this story thinking that the Penguin Ice Box Buddy Ice Mold made kittens out of fire. Peng

March Of The Penguins

These little happy feet have a seizure every time you pump up the jams, well at least their eyes do. You may have your very own fit while watching the eyes twitch around like Vince’s mom’s