‘Club Penguin Rewritten’ shut down by Disney, website seized by London police

“Our world is breaking down around us …” a Reddit user posted this morning in r/ClubPenguinRewritten, documenting how the fan-driven, probably illegal remake of Club Penguin was slowly d

‘Several People Are Typing’ is the Slack workspace of your worst nightmares

Now that it’s October, it’s officially spooky season. But debut author Calvin Kasulke’s novel “Several People Are Typing” gives us something new to be afraid of — w

Author Ryan Holiday will examine the legal battle between Gawker, Hulk Hogan and Peter Thiel

Penguin's business-focused imprint Portfolio plans to publish a book recounting the legal dispute between Gawker Media and wrestler Hulk Hogan (whose real name is Terry Bolea). The currently untitled

Apple loses e-books price-fixing appeal in U.S. Supreme Court

Apple looks to have come to the end of the road in a long running legal saga involving allegations of an e-books price inflating conspiracy.

Penguin Hatches A Cloud Reader For Pelican Books

Penguin Books has launched a cloud reader for its resurrected Pelican educational imprint -- to experiment with delivering e-books in the browser. It likely hasn't passed you by that traditional book

Penguin Children’s Is Turning Plants vs. Zombies Into Books, E-Books

Following last's year <a href="">expansion</a> into merchandise including toys, underwear

Meet Penguin Random House, The World’s Largest Book Publisher That Will Counter Amazon

After the U.S. cleared the deal, the European Commission has officially approved the proposed merger between two of the biggest book publishers in the world, Random House and Penguin. The two owners P

Big Win For Amazon, B&N In Europe: Apple, Four Big Publishers Terminate Their Agency Deal

Some development in the e-book price war being played out in Europe -- and an indirect victory for Amazon and any other retailer not called Apple in the process: the European Commission has <a target=

Google Gets Better At Detecting Hacked Pages, Adds Golf Search Feature & More

Instead of announcing every one of its many search tweaks individually, Google has lately taken to announcing all the changes it has made to its search engine once per month. Today, the company <a tar

Collusion! Apple, Publisher Partners Accused Of Raising E-Book Prices

Apple was surely riding high after the announcement of their new iPad yesterday, but that doesn't mean that everything is OK in CA if a <a href="

Penguin Shuts Down Libraries’ Access To New E-Titles On Amazon’s Kindle

Chances are you've already heard about the beef between Amazon and Penguin over the sales and lending terms of Penguin e-titles through Amazon's Kindle lending program. If not, we can recap quickly.

Penguin is betting on the iPad for the future of books

I’ve been thinking a lot about the world that my kids will soon live in. Books will be like vinyl records – clever and beloved artifacts of an analog age, hoarded more for reasons of nosta

Penguin-powered bootable USB drive looks like actual penguin

<img src="" alt="penguin-usb-drive" title="penguin-usb-drive" />As a Linux user, I'm tickled to see these new <a href="http://

Four pack Wiimote charging station on its way

Invite your friends over for some quality casual gaming with no worries about your Wiimote losing its charge. The Wii is a shared adventure, all the ads tell us so. As such, it seems even the peripher

Linux Parking Sign For Fat Geeks

Are you a dork? A geek, loser, outcast? Then we have just the sign for you! Instead of putting up, say, a Tom Brady poster on the door of your room, you can now put up a Linux parking sign. Yes, that