• Penguin is betting on the iPad for the future of books

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the world that my kids will soon live in. Books will be like vinyl records – clever and beloved artifacts of an analog age, hoarded more for reasons of nostalgia and scarcity than value. I honestly think that the book I’m working on now will be the last physical book I produce and that future books – if anyone lets me write them –… Read More

  • Penguin-powered bootable USB drive looks like actual penguin

    As a Linux user, I’m tickled to see these new USB drives in the shape of an Emperor penguin. Not only are they super cute, they come pre-loaded with a bootable instance of Ubuntu 9.04! And if for some reason you don’t like penguins, you can get some visceral pleasure by pretending to rip off the li’l bugger’s head in order to access the USB jack inside. Read More

  • Four pack Wiimote charging station on its way

    Invite your friends over for some quality casual gaming with no worries about your Wiimote losing its charge. The Wii is a shared adventure, all the ads tell us so. As such, it seems even the peripherals come as a community. This 4X Quad Charge Station from Penguin will be priced at $44.99 and be capable of charging – you guessed it – four Wiimotes at the same time. Handy little… Read More

  • Linux Parking Sign For Fat Geeks

    Are you a dork? A geek, loser, outcast? Then we have just the sign for you! Instead of putting up, say, a Tom Brady poster on the door of your room, you can now put up a Linux parking sign. Yes, that girl you bring home from the local Sonic will gasp in delight as she sees you too are addicted to Tux and his beloved OS. After getting to second base for ten seconds, you can create even more… Read More