• Penguin Hatches A Cloud Reader For Pelican Books

    Penguin Hatches A Cloud Reader For Pelican Books

    Penguin Books has launched a cloud reader for its resurrected Pelican educational imprint — to experiment with delivering e-books in the browser. It likely hasn’t passed you by that traditional book publishers aren’t having the best of times these days. Indeed, when it comes to reading you could say it is the best of times and the worst of times. Read More

  • Gift Guide: Pelican ProGear U145 Urban Tablet Backpack

    Gift Guide: Pelican ProGear U145 Urban Tablet Backpack

    Bag week is long over, but one of the sport packs we had left over kept grabbing my attention with its hardshell tablet pocket and comfy, ventilated mesh back support. So I decided to carry around the Pelican ProGear U145 backpack for a few days and have been left mostly satisfied, and a little worn out. Read More

  • Pelican's 6-pack laptop case for bulletproof blogging

    Picture this, if you will: CES, 2009. All the gadget people are gearing up for the big rush onto the show floor when the CrunchGear posse rolls up in black Navigators. As we walk towards the terrified lesser bloggers in slow motion, the strapping and dangerous John Biggs swings out a single enormous case, marked “Pelican.” Brandishing it like a scimitar, he flourishes and lays it… Read More

  • Pelican adds iMCruzer case for 24-inch iMacs

    [photopress:iMac_24_IMG_0124_02112008.jpg,full,center] As someone who’s made my share of flights with tons of computer gear, I know good cases when I see them, and there aren’t many people who do it better than Pelican. Pelican has a new case purpose-built for 24-inch iMacs as part of its Case Cruiser line. The box is made or reinforced plastic with layers of shock-resistant… Read More

  • Pelican debuts PS3 Controller Charging Station

    Want your other controllers charged while you sit there, playing NBA Live ’08? Of course you do. So in a few weeks, you may want to give Pelican’s Controller Charging Station a whirl. In a modern, tiered design, this station can charge up to four PS3 controllers via mini USB. Only two can be held in midair though. There’s two USB ports on the side in case you want to charge… Read More

  • Pelican PS3 Cooler: Just As Fugly As The PS3

    I can’t say that I’m surprised the PS3 is getting a cooling system. The size alone warrants one to think that it needs gobs of cooling-down power since we all know it’s the best gaming console on the market. Blu-Ray playback does, in fact, heat up the PS3 so there is reason enough to merit such an accessory. The design of the fan is on par with the PS3 so it makes it look… Read More