DG Buys AdTech Player Peer39 For $15.5M After Peer39 Raised Nearly $30M In Its Lifetime

We are seeing a lot of activity in the world of advertising technology -- from <a href="

Peer39 Is Now Semantically Plowing Through 47 Billion Pages A Month

<img src="" alt="" title="Rocket" width="118" height="150" class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-263334" />Back in the day, and by th

Another $10.5M Unloads on Peer39's Dock

<img src="" width="167" height="58" />Semantic ad technology provider <a href="">Peer39</a> is announcing the clo

A First Look Inside Peer39 & Its Semantic Advertising Technology

No venture capitalist’s week is complete without seeing a company in the semantic space holding steadfast to the assertion that its pre-money Round A valuation is a steal at $50 million. The sit