• NASA building new toilet, asks workers to ‘evacuate’

    Here’s a tidbit of information for your next dinner party. Apparently, you can’t make fake urine. Can’t be done! In light of this fact, NASA is asking its employees in Houston’s Johnson Space Center to share their pee pee in order to test out the magical, wonderful toilet that’s going into the new Orion space capsule. Toilets are a serious matter for NASA and… Read More

  • My Pee Pee Bottle: $10 well spent

    Do you have a kid? Does that kid pee? Pick up the My Pee Pee bottle from some insane people who feel that toilets are unsafe. February 2007, our then two-year old daughter, Sofia, contracted Rotavirus. Though she recovered within a couple of weeks, I was panicked. I became extremely fearful of all toilets and wanted to make sure Sofia had limited exposure to public restrooms. I was… Read More

  • Piss-Screen = Gaming Through Pissing

    Though this isn’t the first “game” to involve pissing (listen/watch video above), it’s certainly the most advanced. Whether you just loaded up on Gatorade, water, or just have a medical condition that really sucks, you can become the new bathroom champion of Piss-Screen. Thanks to a bunch of sick Germans who put pressure sensors in urinals, you can now race other people… Read More