Apple Patents A Smarter, More Accurate Wrist-Based Activity Tracker

Apple has applied for a patent for an improved wearable pedometer design, according to a new filing published by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider). The filing describes a way to vastly improve accura

Slimstick: Seiko's walking aid gadget gets an update

<img src="" /> <a href="">Seiko Japan's Slimstick<

Nintendo-made pedometer trademark unearthed

Combining trademark search engine ninjary with a bout of boredom, NeoGAF user “Shiggy” managed to dig up some documents detailing a conspicuously generic pedometer. What’s interestin

Sony NW-S203F MP3 Playing Pedometer Reviewed

The vial-like Sony NW-S203F is notable not only because it looks like a marital-aid, it also comes with a pedometer. That’s right, you can use its 1GB for listening to music as you run, but you