Motorola Prepping Linux-based RAZR Smartphone?

We got word of these presentation photos of what appears to be Motorola’s new RAZR PDA. That’s right, a smartphone in the RAZR form factor, because the world needs another RAZR like it nee

Motorola P790 Charges Your Phone Twice

Too busy to charge your phone in one of those old-fashioned “wall socket” things? Yeah, me too. That’s why Motorola has released the P790 mobile phone charger. It fits in the mini-US

Crappy Video Of Motorola Vending Machine

I stopped by Macy’s today to play with the new Motorola vending machine. I need a new phone, but I’m not sure that I want a PEBL or SLVR (which were the only upgrades available to me since

White MOTO PEBL Courtesy of Maria Sharapova

Maria didn’t make or design these herself, but Motorola is giving away 50 special edition white MOTO PEBLs with her signature on it. If Sharapova’s signature didn’t make this special