Free BlackBerry Pearl

, after rebate, for $0.00. You need to get a new service plan, but that’s a small price to pay for FREE. Product Page

BlackBerry Pearl Now Available on Cingular

I reported Tuesday that the BlackBerry Pearl had a prelaunch status on the Cingular site. Well the sexy BlackBerry candybar is now available to the masses. It carries a $199.99 price with a two year c

BlackBerry Gives Cingular A Pearl Necklace

Previously limited only to T-Mobile, the BlackBerry Pearl will soon rear its head on that other GSM provider, Cingular. The fancy pants Pearl is the first candybar from BlackBerry. It features all the

Cingular Set to Drop Its Pearl

Cingular is about ready to pop yet another smartphone (kinda) any day now, as these photos from Boy Genius have surfaced showing a Cingular-branded Blackberry Pearl. Cingular, in its wisdom, has made

Smartphones Now: The Blackberry Pearl

Smartphones Now is a special group of features by CrunchGear writers on the latest smartphones available – or soon to be available – in the US. In this installment, we review the T-Mobile

Blackberry Pearl Making It's Way to Cingular

. The coveted BlackBerry is going to be distributed early next year via Cingular, according to a press luncheon the wireless giant held today. It will retain the same feature set the current T-Mobile

Pearl's Trackball Kills Ringer on Accident

BlackBerry Pearl owners are lucky, lucky people indeedy. The Pearl is a great combination of form and function. There is, however, one problem raining on their SureType parade: the trackball at the ce

T-Mobile Adds BlackBerry Pearl Early

We like T-Mobile. They’re friendly, and they’ve been making great strides lately in coming to equity with Cingular in the cool-phones arena. Today, they’ve taken another step by addi

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Hands-On

I got to see the Pearl firsthand last night and I was pleased. This is probably the first BlackBerry that someone with some sense of fashion would consider using. Rather than looking like a lump of bl