Brain Training App Peak Scores $7 Million Series A Round

Late last year I declared a penchant for so-called brain training games, which claim to be able to help you improve your cognitive ability, while also cleverly tapping into the casual mobile gaming ph

Geeksphone Announces Its First Consumer-Focused Firefox Smartphone, Mid-Range Peak+ Preorders Kick Off At $196

Spanish open hardware phone platform manufacturer Geeksphone, which created the first developer preview devices for Mozilla's Firefox OS (aka Peak and Keon), has announced it's now taking pre-orders f

Hands on with the Peak Guitar Hero guitar

We talked about the Peak controller last month and now it’s making the rounds. We were lucky enough to get a thorough hands on and I’m happy to report that if you don’t like strum ga

Digital Cameras Biz Said to be Peaking ('Cause Everyone Has One)

The digital camera craze will soon come to an end, not because consumers are losing interest in them, but because damn near everybody has one by now. Think about it: you probably already have at least