• With Publishing Tools Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

    With Publishing Tools Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

    Indie authors seem to be living in an age of wonders. They can upload a PDF and sell it instantly on Kindles and tablets. They can print-on-demand like merry little Gutenbergs, slinging their wares from India to Indiana. They can raise an army of fans to crowdfund their latest opus. But all is not rosy in the world of indie publishing. The tools – the things that were supposed to turn us… Read More

  • With $2.3M In The Bank, Showbie Wants To Make Classrooms Paperless

    With $2.3M In The Bank, Showbie Wants To Make Classrooms Paperless

    Showbie, an Edmonton, Canada-based startup, wants to make it easier for teachers to share assignments with students and for those students to turn in their homework online (or through the company’s iOS app). The company recently released version 2.0 of its service and today disclosed that it has now raised a total of $2.3 million in seed funding. Investors include Point Nine Capital… Read More

  • Adobe Launches Adobe Reader For iOS

    Adobe Launches Adobe Reader For iOS

    Adobe has just launched a version of its PDF Reader, Adobe Reader for iOS devices, which supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The new, free application, available here in iTunes, lets users view PDF files opened via email, on the Web or from within any application that supports iOS’s “Open In” functionality. Read More

  • An analysis of a PDF exploit

    Most people think of PDF documents as static pieces of information. How could a PDF file compromise your computer? The reality is that PDF documents can contain all sorts of stuff, and clever miscreants have figured out how to exploit that stuff to wreak havoc on your computer. PDF exploits are on the rise, and they’re especially nasty not just because most people don’t realize this… Read More

  • Amazon announces better battery life and native PDF support for the Kindle

    Amazon announced some major changes to their Kindle e-book reader today. Specifically, it stated that they’ve worked out a way to increase battery life by 85%. That means that the new firmware update will allow you to leave your Kindle on (with the wifi active) for about 7 days before you need to recharge. Additionally, the Kindle will now support Adobe’s PDF format natively. Read More

  • New-ish Sony eBook reader apparently mangles PDFs

    So close. I’ve been eyeing eBook readers for a while now. I really can’t see myself spending $300 on one when I have gadgets like the Nokia 770 and iPod Touch that are capable of handling similar tasks and more. However, the E-Ink technology is pretty cool and the 7,500 page-turn battery life that Sony suggests is intriguing. According to Gordon Meyer over at 43 Folders, the… Read More

  • Helio Launches Mail For Microsoft Exchange Beta

    Oh happy day! Helio officially released Mail for MS Exchange last night into beta, so all the business-user-haters can quit their griping. All Ocean owners with an All-in account will be privy to the beta for the next 60 days. You’ll be able to sync your Contacts, Calendar and E-mail from the MS Exchange Server OTA. At the end of the beta period, the final release of Mail for MS… Read More