• Help The Aged With This Linux PC For Seniors

    If you give a senior citizen a fish, he’ll eat for a day. If you give a senior citizen a low-end Linux PC with big keyboard and a specially-designed UI, he’ll be able to forward you funny pictures he gets from his friends and read Drudge and Fox News. This $499 PC includes Kiwi’s own version of Linux for the aged. While I’d normally be all gung-ho about the prospect… Read More

  • First Sales Numbers Of 3D TVs And 3D PCs In Japan

    We reported back in August about how Japanese consumers reacted to the first 3D TVs Sony and Panasonic released this summer, and now the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) has released the first detailed sales numbers. Read More

  • NEC Shows Another Three 3D Desktop PCs

    Among Japan’s PC makers, NEC seems to be betting especially high on 3D. Following the 3D PC the company introduced in Japan earlier this summer, NEC today announced [JP] another three 3D desktop PCs for the Japanese market. Here are all the details. Read More

  • Panasonic Shows 2 New (And Impressive) TOUGHBOOK Models

    Panasonic announced [JP] two new models from their TOUGHBOOK series of extra-sturdy and durable notebooks today. And both the CF31 from the TOUGHBOOK 31 series and the CF19 from the TOUGHBOOK 19 series boast some pretty impressive specs. Read More

  • CM1: Toshiba brings Intel's Classmate tablet PC to Japan

    It took a lot of time, but Toshiba is now ready to bring the Classmate tablet PC it created together with Intel to the Japanese market. Rebranded as “CM1” [press release in English], the goal is to go after the nation’s educational sector. Both companies involved also announced they will launch initiatives to “foster ICT environments in schools” in order to boost… Read More

  • Fujitsu specs, prices and dates its 3D PC with integrated 3D camera

    Teased last month, announced [JP] today: Fujitsu took the wraps off a 3D desktop PC that has a quite unique selling point: it comes with a camera that lets users shoot pictures and video in 3D. The ESPRIMO FMV FH550/3AM will not only display user-generated 3D content on its 20-inch screen but also 3D Blu-rays and 3D video from other sources. Read More

  • Panasonic unveils super-light convertible tablet PC

    Panasonic in Japan today announced [JP] the “Let’s Note CF-C1”, which the company says is among the world’s lightest convertible tablet PCs. The latest addition to Panasonic’s “Let’s Note” series of notebooks weighs just 1.46kg (including the battery, 1.67kg with two batteries). The company says it was able to push down the weight by choosing… Read More

  • NEC to ship Blu-ray powered 3D PC in Japan next month

    Valuestar N VN790/BS – that’s the name of the 3D PC that NEC today announced [JP] for the Japanese market. The company’s faster than expected: just last month, NEC teased such a machine in Tokyo, saying it’s likely to ship by October 2010. But Japan will get the PC as early as next month. And it appears to be a pretty cool machine. Read More

  • NEC develops eco-friendly, super-efficient CPU cooling system

    NEC has developed an eco-friendly cooling system for CPUs, claiming the technology [JP] uses uses 60% less energy than a water-cooling system and even 80% less than an air-cooling system. The core of the system is a liquid chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) substitute, which circulates around the CPU to draw away heat and has low greenhouse effects. Read More

  • Two awesome Gundam PC cases

    We all know Japan is Gundam country (I’ll go cover the newly opened Gundam Cafe in Tokyo next week) and that Akihabara is heaven for PC geeks and modders. So what can you expect when you combine both things? Not one but two cool Gundam PC cases. Read More

  • NEC plans to ship 3D desktop PCs later this year

    Virtually every Japanese tech company has made some 3D-related announcement in the past months, but one remained suspiciously quiet in that area: NEC. We covered their (apparently very cool) glasses-free 3D 12.1-incher last year (it’s yet to be commercialized), and today NEC made some initial announcements about a 3D desktop PC that’s supposed to hit Japanese stores by year-end. Read More

  • Video: EyeController for iPhone/iPod touch + Marvell Plug Computer

    By request from one of our readers (see, we listen!) I zipped over to Marvell’s booth to check out the Plug Computer and got the added bonus of a demonstration of EyeconTroller, an iPhone/iPod touch/computer app that manages media. You can drag and drop media files into various containers, which will play back those particular files on connected household devices – TVs… Read More

  • Gateway One ZX series gets Windows 7 and touchscreen features

    My gut reaction to seeing these all-in-one computers is that they might make a nice addition to a dorm room or an aging couple’s den. But then Gateway goes and says something like this: “The powerful One ZC6800 Series is a no-compromise, high-performance configuration entirely suitable for serious gaming.” I roll my eyes and then look for the actual specs, to find… Read More

  • Review: Averatec D1133 18.4-inch All-In-One PC

    In a move to offer inexpensive all-in-one computers to consumers, many companies are fitting Intel’s Atom processors into small form factor PCs and selling them for around $500 to $600. Averatec has adopted a similar approach with the D1133 but has instead bumped the CPU up to a dual-core 1.5GHz AMD chip along with ATI Radeon 3200 graphics and then priced the system to move at… Read More

  • You too can buy 1,000 zombie PCs for pennies on the dollar!

    You know those “have-a-penny/need-a-penny” jars you find at 7-Eleven and whatnot? Here’s a cool way to kill a few hours: go around your town collecting pennies. Then, with said pennies, buy a whole bunch of zombie PCs, then start your own botnet. You’ll be the coolest kid in the neighborhood. Read More

  • Quick Look: 18.4-inch Averatec D1100 All-In-One PC

    The 18.4-inch D1100 from Averatec showed up at my house recently and I thought, hey, lazy Saturday — let’s set it up. I had forgotten the specs, the price, and all the relevant details but when I had gotten everything together (a process which took less than ten minutes) I can tell you that I’m impressed by how nice the computer looks. Especially since — surprise! Read More

  • Phoenix Freeze logs you off when you walk away from your PC

    If you’ve never worked in an office where an unsuspecting co-worker gets an e-mail sent out on his or her behalf announcing that happy hour drinks are on the house, you haven’t LIVED! It’s the perfect way to teach someone that they should always, always, lock their computer whenever they head over to the break room to find that someone drank all the coffee and didn’t… Read More

  • Lenovo adds two desktop PCs to its business lineup

    Lenovo announced two new smaller, cheaper desktop PCs today. The ThinkCentre M58e and A58 are built for the cost-conscious business consumer, with a starting price of $399. The PCs run cooler and quieter than previous ThinkCentres (as should be expected). Click on for the press release. Read More

  • PC case looks like an old-school VCR

    Yes, you could absolutely build a PC into an actual old VCR that you don’t use any more but this solution seems far easier if you’re willing to part with some of your money. I tried building a computer into an old VCR once but I gave up after figuring out how many holes I’d have to punch just to get everything to line up. Read More

  • Homebrew boombox PC

    Joey Hess, a developer contributing to Debian GNU/Linux, has shoehorned a fully functional PC into a portable boombox stereo. Two USB ports are embedded in what used to be the CD eject button, and the computer’s LEDs are visible where the CD slot used to be. The tape deck has been repurposed to provide access to a 4-port USB hub. “Hit Stop/Eject to change USB keys. :-)” Read More