PC Games

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 sells many copies (plus bonus rant!)

    God almighty do I have a bone to pick with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which I bought on release day like a mark. The game is doing quite well for EA, having already sold 2.3 million units (and projected to sell 4 million by the end of the year). So that’s ahead of expectations—it’s a hit, have a party. The thing that annoys me (and Matt, for that matter) is the… Read More

  • You know what's fun? Napoleon: Total War

    An idea of how much I enjoyed playing The Creative Assembly’s, by way of Sega, Napoleon: Total War pretty much all weekend long: I just ordered all four parts of Max Gallo’s biography of Napoleon from Amazon France. I don’t even speak French! (Well, a very little bit, but certainly not enough to read a four-volume biography written by someone who’s a member of… Read More

  • Assassin's Creed II DRM proves that Ubisoft hates your guts and wants to beat you up after school

    Fellow PC gamers: it’s time to freak out. You’re familiar with Ubisoft’s newfangled DRM scheme that requires you be online in order to play its games, right? It’s 100 percent as awful as we had thought it would be. PC Gamer recently played Assassin’s Creed II, and discovered what a pain the in the ass the DRM really, truly is. Get this: every time you lose… Read More

  • Yeah, Cataclysm will come out this year

    It’s earnings call season, and while no news is more shocking than the fact that WWE will drop the Survivor Series, there’s something for World of Warcraft fans. And, really, who isn’t a fan of World of Warcraft. Anyhow, yeah, Cataclysm will come out this year. We’ve (and by “we” I mean the WoW community) pretty much assumed as much since the expansion was… Read More

  • Digital Storm Black|Ops certainly looks good

    What’s the opinion on buying pre-built gaming PCs? I’m pretty sure there’s a certain sense of pride that comes with building your own PC, but I also recognize that not everybody has all the time in the world to research motherboards, RAM timings, and all that jazz. Like, say, look at this PC. It’s the Digital Storm Black|Ops (The irony of promoting a black op!), and A)… Read More

  • Because of leaks, we need to immediately implement DRM on console games

    It’s time we start implementing DRM on console games. I mean, look at this nonsense. The Xbox 360 version of BioShock 2 leaked yesterday, a full five days before its official release. The same thing happened with Mass Effect 2, which leaked something like six days for the Xbox 360 before its official release. Since publishers are so keen to treat PC gamers like filthy thieves, I say we… Read More

  • FarCry, Far Cry 2 $15 bundle on Steam this weekend

    Stupid Steam, making me spend money whenI had no intention of doing so. This weekend’s deal is the FarCry collection, which includes FarCry and FarCry 2: Fortune’s Edition (includes DLC and other bonus items). (Of course, you could have just visited that Web site I mentioned the other day.) It costs $15. Yeah, I can part with $15 to have those two games in my ever-growing collection. Read More

  • Steam steams ahead to 25 million users, 205 percent increase in sales

    Steam, Valve’s digital distribution for video games (as well as a kind of “social network” for gamers, though the phrase “social network” makes me nauseous), is really quite successful. In 2009, its fifth year of operation, sales were up 205 percent over the previous year. The service has more than 25 million users, of which 10 million have full profiles. Read More

  • What's it going to take for PC game publishers to drop DRM altogether?

    For all of its stupidity, the music industry should be commended for relaxing its DRM requirements. Every single song on iTunes is DRM-free, as are the songs on Amazon MP3 and electronic music specialist Beatport. The Zune Marketplace works a little differently, but many of the downloadable songs there are DRM-free, too. But PC game publishers? They’re still bat-shit crazy, as evidenced… Read More