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Asus getting into the sound card game, Creative starts to sweat

Asus, who has been doing so much stuff right lately, has begun dipping its toes into the sound card game. I understand the onboard audio on their motherboards is supposed to be the best, but as with o

Logitech's Alto Cordless Notebook Stand Announced

Logitech released today the latest addition to their line of Alto notebook stands. This one is, you know, cordless, and also comes with a keyboard and three USB ports for all your printer/monitor/iPod

I-O Data Slim DVD Burner Announced

Sometimes having an external DVD burner is a great idea. I mean think about it. What if that hot chick from math class comes over and she want’s a copy of American Pie 2 burned for her? You&#821

Memorex M-Flyer Pilot Gets Refreshed, Still A USB Drive

My favorite part of the M-Flyer Pilot—part of Memorex’s TravelDrive line of USB flash drives—is that its USB connector is retractable. In fact, that’s its most exciting feature, though it

IOGEAR Mouse Protects Passwords, You From Cooties

Yep, it’s a mouse. A corded, laser mouse with a biometric fingerprint reader. Oh, and its surface is covered with a Titanium Dioxide and Silver nano-particle compound that contains antimicrobial

Novint Falcon Now Shipping. No Really. It is. Promise.

Novint Technologies, Inc. has finally started shipping its first round of preorders of the “highly anticipated” Falcon game controller. It was definitely on the verge of being vaporware. A

PNY, SanDisk Solid State Drives In Sizes Worth Buying

At Computex Taipei 2007, SanDisk showed off its two new additions to its line of solid state drives (SSD): SanDisk 1.8-inch 64GB UATA 5000 and 2.5-inch 64GB SATA 5000 SSD products. This was trumped by

Memorex's TravelDrive 2007 Flashy Flash Drives Add Flash To Your Flash Drive Options

With flash memory prices dropping faster than Apple stock after a fake iPhone delay (I swear it’s the last time I’ll mention it), manufacturers of USB thumb drives have to do something to

Creative Unleashes 2MP Auto-focusing, Plug-N-Play Webcam

I know it’s pretty difficult to get excited by a Webcam, so I forgive you for not reading this. But, on the off chance you’re actually shopping for one, you should maybe add the Creative L

Targus DEFCON 1 More Flexible Than The Average Laptop Lock

The product’s name sounds a bit more threatening than the device actually is. The $24.99 Targus DEFCON 1 is in fact a retractable cable lock for notebooks. And while it does feature the protecti

Samsung SpinPoint S166 Hard Drives Don't Bring The Noise

While sizes and speeds of hard drives always seem to be going up, it’s a little more rare to see a company doing something about the sound given off by the fast-spinning platters. Samsung’

M-Audio's Session KeyStudio: $99 Band In A Box

And while we’re on the subject of M-Audio and music creation, the company’s been slowly building its catalog of “Make-Music-Now” products, which includes both hardware and soft

Laptop Batteries Made Just For You, Not From Babies

is a one-stop online shop offering built-to-order laptop batteries for models both new and old. And though on first viewing of the company’s homepage I thought it made the batteries from babies,

My Mac Pro Is Well Hung Thanks To Sonnet, Is Yours?

My desktop is so big I have no choice but to let it rest on the floor. My wife doesn’t complain ’cause she likes that it’s big, and she actually thinks it’s kinda sexy. However

Sonnet Technologies Gives You Four Inputs, No Waiting

Earlier this week, we posted a collection of Mac accessories, including a Western Digital My Book Pro featuring three inputs: FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0. However, Sonnet Technologies&#8217

The Help Key: Back The Frak Up

<img src="https://techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/editor, the situation was particularly dire.) Since then I’ve been very “don’t let this happen to you” when I talk to people

Ultra Chill-TEC Keeps CPU Cool So You Don't Have To

CPU cooling is all thermo electrics these days. Ultra Products joins the fray of Peltier-effect processor coolers with the $149 Ultra Chill-TEC. For the unfamiliar, the cooler uses a solid-state activ

Gateway Wins Best Budget LCD

Those shopping for a new LCD monitor, but don’t have a bottomless wallet of cash, should check out this budget LCD roundup at ComputerShopper.com. If you’re not picky about your monitor&#8

Tiny Desk Heater For The Inherently Frigid

This litte heater isn’t a new, new product, but I wanted to mention it because it totally kicks ass. I’m not big on Sharper Image’s products for the most part, ’cause they alwa

US Robitics' Skype-tastic Webcam On The Way

I’ll say one thing for US Robotics, it’s certainly picked its pony and is going to stay with it until it wins. Continuing to expand its line of Skype-powered products, the networking compa
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