• Warburg Pincus Buys Compensation Software Service PayScale For Up To $100 Million

    Warburg Pincus Buys Compensation Software Service PayScale For Up To $100 Million

    Making its fourth acquisition of a technology company in fewer than three weeks, private equity investment firm Warburg Pincus is announcing that it has bought compensation software services vendor PayScale in a deal worth up to $100 million. In the 14 years since its launch in 2000, PayScale has developed a massive database of individual compensation profiles, containing salary information on… Read More

  • Time Is Money: Calculate The Real Cost Of Those Corporate Meetings

    Ever been caught in a meeting you thought was a waste of time and money? Well, PayScale has created a little program that lets you put a number on exactly how much those meetings are costing your company. The program, called Meeting Miser, calculates the a meeting’s cost down to the cents per minute. Meeting cost calculators are nothing new, but Meeting Miser incorporates real salary… Read More

  • Find A Career Path With PayScale's GigZig

    Since 2002, PayScale has been providing compensation profiles for all sorts of jobs. Unlike, they get their data through user submissions instead of company survey data. They encourage people to avoid specious entries by offering more targeted analysis to people providing more information, which in turn enhances the data they already have. Since launch they’ve collected over… Read More

  • How Much Money Do You Make?

    A couple of months ago I heard about a new startup that requests users to disclose detailed salary information about themselves, and in return they get information on what others are making. It seemed like a great way to get good user generated information at no cost, and there are lots of ways to make money by reselling the aggregate data to third parties. The problem was that the site… Read More