Spotify will now allow artists and labels to promote tracks in your recommendations

Spotify announced today it will begin to test a new service that gives artists more of a say in how their music is discovered on the Spotify platform. At launch, the service will allow artists and lab

ICO services: Lots of barnacles but no whales

Nearly every aspect of the current ICO market is pay-for-play or otherwise tainted. I do not paint the industry with such a broad brush lightly but this sort of chicanery hasn’t existed since th

The Exciting World Of Samsung’s Viral Payola

If you've ever wondered how some videos get popular while others languish in obscurity (or, on the flipside, if you'd like to know how to get some sweet views), look no further than a firm Samsung hir

LG Is Looking To Buy Some Coverage For Its New Phone

As the trend towards the convergence of journalism and marketing marches ever onward today we celebrate LG's efforts to buy press for their new phone, the LG G2. We received this email this morning fr