• Sling TV to host pay-per-view events, starting this weekend with UFC fight

    Sling TV to host pay-per-view events, starting this weekend with UFC fight

    Dish’s streaming service for cord cutters, Sling TV, will host its first ever pay-per-view event this weekend, by offering coverage of UFC: 214: Cormier v. Jones 2. The fight between former titleholder Jon Jones and current champion Daniel Cormier is taking place on Saturday, July 29 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif. Access to the event will be offered to Sling TV viewers for… Read More

  • Will Social Media Save WrestleMania 27?

    Well, maybe not “save” WrestleMania, but help ensure it does better than last year’s edition, WrestleMania 26, which, at well under one million pay-per-view buys worldwide, was considered a bit of a disappointment. What’s different this year is WWE’s use of social media—that is to say they’re actually using it this time around. But even if this… Read More

  • How Does UFC's New & Improved Internet Pay-Per-View Stream Compare To The 'Real' Thing?

    NeuLion announced a deal a few days ago to bring “a brand new service for UFC offering the most interactive, far-reaching digital experience yet.” Last night’s UFC 126 was the first pay-per-view event to receive the NeuLion treatment, so I decided to check it out to see what all the fuss was about. Fair warning: There will be spoliers. Read More

  • Decline In DVD Sales & Rampant Piracy Force Indie Wrestling To Internet Pay-Per-View

    The move to all-digital distribution is already well under way, and it poses a problem for businesses that have based themselves around the sale of shiny plastic discs. That, combined with the rampant piracy of these discs when they’re released has particularly hurt independent pro-wrestling organizations (to pick something out of thin air). Gabe Sapolsky, vice-president of Dragon Gate… Read More

  • Studios Could Offer $30 Movie Rentals Before Releasing DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs

    Sony, Warner Brothers, and Disney are mulling over the prospect of offering $30 rentals of new movies before they come to DVD. This would presumably allow a family to watch a movie that they weren’t able to get in to see at the theaters, a sort of WWE-style main-event pay-per-view deal that will almost completely bypass the cable operators and will be available on any number of CE platforms. Read More