pay equity

Assemble scores $5M seed to bring order and equity to compensation

Every company has to decide what to pay their employees and track that compensation in some way, often in spreadsheets and across disparate payroll, finance and HR systems. Companies also need to ensu

Google found it paid men less than women for the same job

The story we’re used to hearing is that women get paid less than men. In Google’s case, according to its own internal pay audit, it turned out male-identified Level 4 Software Engineers re

Google pay discrimination lawsuit is moving forward

A class-action lawsuit alleging pay discrimination at Google based on gender is moving forward, California Superior Court Judge Mary E. Wiss recently ordered. The original suit was dismissed in Decemb

White men still make the most money in tech, Hired says

Hired has released its annual pay equity report. Unsurprisingly, white men earn the most at $136,000 per year on average, followed by Asian men making a yearly average of $135,000. Here are some other

Lyft commits to closing wage gaps across race and gender

Ahead of Equal Pay Day on April 10, Lyft is committing to conducting yearly equal pay audits to ensure there are no pay discrepancies across race and gender. Last year, Lyft said it found pay discrepa

Facebook shareholders reject proposal for gender pay equity report

Facebook shareholders have once again rejected a proposal for Facebook to prepare a gender pay equity report to assess pay between men and women across race and ethnicity. A stockholder proposal calle