pax 08

PAX 2008: Video of Omegathon final round, plus Gabe vs. Tycho

Time to geek out. I believe if you click “play” above, you’ll be the first people other than those present at PAX to witness this momentous event. A truly epic Excitebike battle. Not

PAX 2008: Final pic post – Omegathon!

PAX is over and done, and every picture that could have been taken, done got took. Click through for the last batch of photos from this gamestravaganza, including the final round of the Omegathon, and

PAX 08: The Omegathon final round is "VS. Excitebike"

Another year, another PAX Omegathon. After a year of theories and a whole lot “ZOMG Do you know what the final round is?” murmur, the final round game iiiiiis: VS Excitebike! We’ll h

More PAX pix for you

Just a couple more pics for you guys before we enter the belly of the beast again. These TF2 cosplayers were all over the place, but I didn’t see any Heavies. Well, there were some heavies all r

PAX 2008: Ye Olde PAX Gallerie

Behold! PAX in pictures. There will be more later, I’m taking a photo every other step. There are cosplayers, nerds, enforcers, classy ladies, and everything in between. Click through for our fi

PAX 2008: Jonathan Coulton rickrolls the entire concert audience

I mentioned it in an earlier post, but as it all went down while I was in the middle of swappin’ out cameras, I missed getting this little gem on video. Fortunately, ye olde Tube of Yous has com

PAX 2008: Freezepop plays "The Final Countdown"

You hear that rumble? Thats an army of geeks, gettin’ down so damn hard that the very walls around us were beginning to crumble. Okay, fine – it’s just a nasty bit of clipping caused

PAX 2008: Jonathan Coulton playing "Still Alive" with Felicia Day

I had the best spot in the house, standing on a nice sturdy chair staring down the 10x zoom lens of an HD camera from about 15 feet from the stage. Then the battery died on the camera and security kic

PAX 2008: The public arrives in force

I know you were all wondering what this moment looked like. The jealous, huddled masses were sitting outside while we flimsily credentialed press got to lick the first public playables of Spore, Mirro

PAX 2008: Fallout 3 hands-on

They told us to stop filming but we’re naughty and we’re putting it up anyway. It’s a public convention and this is a public build that most people have already seen the demo of anyw

PAX 2008: We get Zerged in Starcraft 2

I think it’s actually more accurate to say that I failed to Zerg my opponent correctly. The game looks great, it controls just like the original to be honest, and the graphics are smooth and ver

PAX 2008: Video runthough of new Halo 3 map, "Assembly"

As mentioned earlier, Bungie had one level from their upcoming “Mythic” map pack on display at PAX 08. Called “Assembly”, it’s a very Midship-esque Covenant themed map. I

PAX 2008: There are lots of people here

We’re here in my hometown covering the hell out of PAX. This was the waiting room, which was later full to capacity. These poor souls all had to wait while Greg and I checked out Starcraft 2, Mi

PAX 08: Bungie showing (part of) Halo 3 "Mythic" map pack

Live from the floor of PAX 08: Bungie is demoing a new Halo 3 map called Assembly; the picture above shows the title “Halo 3 Mythic,” which the Bungie guy said was just a placeholder name

Penny Arcade Expo 2008: We're here!

Good morning sunshines! It’s day one of PAX ’08, and Devin Coldewey and I are badged up and on the scene. Today’s looking to be a crazy day, with just about every big league name in

Left 4 Dead to debut at PAX for Xbox 360

Devin loved L4D when he checked it out at E3 and I have yet to demo it, but I’ll take his word for it. Those of you lucky enough to make it to PAX will have the opportunity to see the world debu