Paul English

Make 4 promises to hire better staff for your startup team

Paul English, co-founder of Boston Venture Studio and travel platform Kayak, makes two promises to employees -- and asks for two in return.

Peek raises $80M as its travel experiences software and marketplace business passes $2B in bookings

Travel and tourism are slowly starting to move again in the wake of COVID-19 crashing over the world and sending us to shelter in place. Today a company focused on experiences — museum visits, s

Stealthy search startup snags $2M seed wants to solve an old problem around search in the enterprise. The stealthy startup announced a $2 million seed round. Defy Partners led the round with a slew of other participants, incl

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In part II of his <em>Founder Stories</em> interview with host <a href="">Chris Dixon</a>, <a href="">’s</a> co-founde

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Having <a href="">recently posted</a> its 2011 revenue numbers, <a href="http://www