Tumblr Runs Into “Networking Issue” That Affects Subset Of Custom Domain Blogs (UPDATED)

If you use Tumblr to host a blog with a custom domain name, you might notice that it's not functioning properly. That's apparently the case for companies like Airtime, Pinterest and Path, as I've come

Path’s Consistency Of Tone

Admittedly, I have a negative bias towards overhyped startups. If a company gets a lot of attention before they do anything significant, I'm less likely to try their product and when I do, less likely

A Polyglot Path: Mobile Sharing App Adds 7 New Languages Including Traditional Chinese, UK English

In response to Facebook's ever-expanding social universe and the success of mobile-focused networks like Instagram, Dave Morin and company have turned <a target="_blank" href="">Path<

Hmmm Is A Split-Personality Social Network For Sharing Different Yous To Different Facebook Friends

You're crazy with your friends, serious with your co-workers, and sweet with your parents. Now you can share those distinct personalities with their matching audiences thanks to <a href="

Facebook’s $1 Billion Instagram Deal Didn’t Affect Path’s Valuation In Recent Raise

Why? Because the term sheets were signed weeks ago. <a href="">The deal was only <em>announced</em> this week.</a> (Yes, sorr

User Experience And The Poison On The Tip Of The Arrow

I used Path twice. None of the people that I know are using Path. I even checked with an early adopter of social media recently and one of Path’s earliest users. She told me that she doesn't see a l

Things To Consider Before Saying “I Do” To Investors

The right investor, the kind who can help startups get over the inevitable "We're Fucked It's Over" (WFIO) moments, can turn a startup into a multi-billion dollar company. The fact is that choosin

Two Months Removed From AddressGate, Path Starts Hashing, Anonymizing Data

Back in early February, Path met with some serious backlash when <a href="">Arun Thampi revealed</a> that the social app was uploading address book data wi

Dave Morin Talks Path 2.1, Facebook’s IPO Effect, And Those New Funding Rumors [TCTV]

TechCrunch TV talked to <a href="">Path</a> co-founder and CEO Dave Morin last week while we were at the South By Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas. It's always inte

Britney Spears Gets On Path, Which Is Raising Up To $30M At A $250M Valuation

So rumor (<a href="!/britneyspears/status/180113985268486146">and Twitter</a>) has it that singer <a href="">Britney Spears</a> was at Path yes

Live Now From SXSW: TCTV’s Webcast with Highlight, Path and Hipmunk Founders (3pm CT)

From the floor of the Austin Convention Center, TechCrunch TV is live with all the latest news from <a href="">SXSW</a>. Find out what TechCrunch

Path Launches 2.1 Update: Music Match, Nike+ Support, And An API You Can’t Use Yet

Eager to put their privacy issues behind them, Path CEO Dave Morin has just pulled back the curtains on their new Path 2.1 update at an event in San Francisco, and it’s already shaping up to be a do

Dave Morin, Post-Pathgate: Dealing With Unprecedented Scale, Hopeful About The Future

In case you live under a rock (I hate that played out phrase, someone please come up with something better) <a href="">Path</a> founder <a href="

“We’re So So Sorry”: An Apology Form Letter For Startups

Sometimes it really does seem like we live in the Wild West of the digital age, the rules of the Internet get made up as we go along. Due to the newness, it seems like <a href="http://www.techmeme

FYI. Dave Morin Didn’t Lie To Gawker About Path Storing User Data

Some people always see the good in people and some people always see the bad ... Gawker <a href="">just published</a> a post with what at first seems to be some pretty damning

Why Path Pissed People Off

There's a reason why today's<a href=""> news that Path was uploading its users' entire address book </a>to its database was stunning -- all this time Path

The Wrong Way: Path Uploads iOS Users’ Address Books Without Permission

What started as a bit of aimless tinkering for developer<a href=""> Arun Thampi</a> ultimately unearthed something

NewsFlash For iOS Proves That An Anti-UX Can Be A Great UX

Our industry lauds cutting-edge UX. Look no further than the exceptional work of Path. One either swoons over it, or one is blind. But what if that sends a wrong signal? Don't get me wrong, I feel ver

“Goodbye, With. Hello, Path 2.” Morin Migrates Users to New App

Dave Morin and Path's secondary standalone app <a href="">With</a> "is winding down", according to a tweet, email, and <a href="

A New Path: Path Grows Daily Users 30x Since Relaunch

There is something about waking up day after day to write about people who take risks; You end up rooting for some of them. This is the case with photo-sharing underdog <a href="">
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