Patent reform

Innovation Act might be dead, but innovation lives on

As a former patent examiner, I recognize that the patent system, in its purest form, should protect and incentivize innovation through a limited-term contract, offering exclusive monopoly rights cover

Conservative Entrepreneurs Want To Force Tech Issues Into GOP Debate

A group of conservative technologists wants eliminating regulatory policies affecting small businesses to be a key issue in 2016. Lincoln Labs, a conservative technology group pushing for small gove

Congress Returns Next Week With A Tech-Heavy Agenda

Congress is back from a recess this week, and with lawmakers we’ll see the return of some familiar issues. We will see Congress address patent reform and cybersecurity in the coming weeks. Once

Apple And Google Agree To Dismiss All Direct Legal Action Between Themselves

Late today, Apple and Google announced that they have agreed to dismiss direct lawsuits aimed at one another, and will work together to help push patent reform forward. It’s a huge change for th

Senate Patent Reform Bill Delayed Yet Again

A bi-partisan Senate bill aimed at curbing abuse of the U.S. patent system has been handed another setback today, with Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) announcing that, for the fourth t