PatentMonkey: Microsoft Enhanced TV

Microsoft recently received a patent covering enhanced TV by streaming an interactive layer in conjunction with the broadcast content. One of many video related patents that they hold, actually. While

PatentMonkey: Sony Motion-Sensitive Display Viewing

Sony has so many creative options. Case in point, while working on motion sensing camera image stabilization, Sony discovered a way to use the camera’s sensors to scroll the camera’s displ

PatentMonkey: Microsoft Surface Not Just a Touch Screen

With the news of Microsoft Surface announced, we found detail behind how the technology might work. During the Popular Mechanics interview, Microsoft noted that the display uses a series of IR sensors

Patent Monkey: Sony Sued On Blu-ray Technology

Target Technologies has filed a patent suit against Sony stating that its Blu-ray technologies infringe on a Target Technologies patent covering Sony’s use of a less corrosive and less costly Si

Patent Monkey: Nokia Two Screen Tablet with Removable Key Board

Nokia received a newly issued patent covering a laptop-style device with two touch screens and a removable keyboard. Nokia shows in this patent its development breadth towards the convergence of lapto

Patent Monkey: Supreme Court KSR Patent Ruling Requires Free Thinking

took far less resource and time to develop than that. Without a doubt, the KSR v. Teleflex Supreme Court decision has changed the patent landscape that we at operate in. Without delvi

Patent Monkey: Netflix Sued for Anti-Trust by Using Patents

Dennis Dilbeck, a Netflix subscriber, filed a class action lawsuit claiming that Netflix controlled the online DVD rental market by leveraging fraudulently obtained patents making for an unusual paten

Patent Monkey: P&G Considers, Drops Robotic Cleaner

A fact about innovation is that ideas that are tried fail much more often than they succeed. Frequently, a team can shut down a dead project long before anyone in the market knows it was even attempte

Patent Monkey: Timing Right for Vonage Asset Sale?

Vonage is fighting possible bankruptcy, need for a new CEO and investor frustration. While the potential for it to escape Verizon’s litigation grip has some hope, a more radical step by an aggre

Patent Monkey: Tivo Locks, Takes Key to Your HD

, TiVo describes use of an encryption key technique that has so many possible combinations that the ability to crack it could take billions of years of number crunching. TiVo has developed technology

Patent Monkey: Ericsson Multi-Layer Display Cell Phone

After covering Motorola’s multi-layer LCD solar display, Ericsson’s recently issued patent adds a feature in yet another direction: a multiple layered display. Ericsson has thought up a nu

Patent Monkey: Verizon Voice Activated Call Routing, Makes Mom Happy

, Verizon revealed a means for using not only time for call routing it currently offers, but also a name recognition routing system. Knowing your Mom wants to be sure you are safe, this is just the te

Patent Monkey: Nokia Trying to One-Up iPod Scroll Wheel?

Nokia recently received a patent covering a new phone interface by using a frame that can be rotated and a series of input controls around a display that changes what the buttons control based on trig

Patent Monkey: US Supreme Court Makes Obvious Patent Ruling

. The court unanimously ruled that the federal appeals court that handles patent cases had given too much power to developers of trivial technological improvements. “Granting patent protection to ad

Patent Monkey: Rock Your Body Headphones, Now with Surround Sound

uncovered a Sony application on using your body to transit a signal. Well, Sony has even more out of the box thinking for body transmitting wireless headphones by even more signals rocking through you

Patent Monkey: Mobile Social Networking Patent Sells for $2.6 Million

At the Ocean Tomo live auction last week, US Patent 6618593 sold for $2.6 million to an anonymous buyer making it a record for the purchase of a patent in a live auction. Billed as a patent to bridge

Patent Monkey: LCD + Solar Cell = Smart

Cell phone battery life has been one of the top problems since its inception. Motorola was there at the beginning, and is at least exploring smart solutions. Motorola recently received a patent for co

Patent Monkey: Fitness Week Edition

Barry Bonds will tell you: if you don’t take swings, you don’t hit home runs. In innovation, the same thing is rings true — you have to keep swinging until you hit a home run. In hon

Patent Monkey: Cingular Cell Phone Geo-Finder Services

. While there are many other players with location based technologies in this field, the fact that a carrier like Cingular has some innovations and is looking to add value to its new Apple relationshi

Patent Monkey: Olympus Wearable Displays for Real Life Gaming

Olympus has consistently launched pretty hot concepts and has kept their innovation track strong with 76 patents so far in 2007. Would getting into digital display eye wear be that much of a stretch f
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