Pastebin, The Text Sharing Website, Updates With An Emphasis On Code

Pastebin, now home to 95 million “active” pieces of text, has gotten a complete overhaul including a new mobile friendly site that lets coders share snippets of text on their phones. Sites

EA Denies Data Breach After List Of Compromised User Accounts, Emails Pops Up Online

EA is downplaying reports of a possible data breach circulating online, saying that it currently has no indication that a list of user account credentials appearing on the site Pastebin were obtained

Anonymous Document Sharing Site Pastebin Surpasses 1 Million Members, Keeps Growing

<a target="_blank" href="">Pastebin</a> officially announced that they've surpassed 1 million registered members since the introduction of the login service two and a half years

Pastebin To Hire “Monitors” To Keep The Creeps Off Of Its Servers

It's hard being a hacker's darling. <a HREF="">Pastebin</a> is a dox dumping site - as well as a useful tool for programmers and writers who want to share a piece of

Pastebin Upgrades Service, Adds Private Pastes (All While Being Under Attack)

Everyone's favorite way to share thousands of pages of sensitive information (and dump PHP code that you might use later) has upgraded to what it's calling version 3.1. This new version, in addition t

Pastebin Surpasses 10 Million “Active” Pastes

It took 8 years for (which, for the unassociated, is sort of like the Internet's clipboard. Anyone can paste in a big ol' wall of text and share it with anyone else, often anonymously) to

Pastebin Now Home To 8 Million Active Pastes

<a HREF="">Pastebin</a>, everyone's favorite bin in which to paste, just surpassed 8 million active pastes. The service, started in 2002, has held far more than that number ov