Breaking: Vegemite May Power The Electronics Of The Future

Ok, not really, but this is pretty cool. Vegemite is a disgusting yeast paste beloved by far too many people. While I wouldn’t recommend actively eating it, Professor Marc in het Panhuis at the

New 3D Print Head Makes It Easier To Print Nutella

As a man who loves things that come out of tubes, I am excited about the Discov3ry Extruder. Designed as an add-on to popular 3D printers, the system is essentially a plunger connected to a nozzle tha

Pastebin Upgrades Service, Adds Private Pastes (All While Being Under Attack)

Everyone's favorite way to share thousands of pages of sensitive information (and dump PHP code that you might use later) has upgraded to what it's calling version 3.1. This new version, in addition t