AT&T planning BlackBerry Bold launch parties, complete with ultra cheesy videos

For the sake of making sure employees are up to speed on the coming-any-day-now BlackBerry Bold (and likely as an excuse to booze and schmooze), AT&T is throwing a series of parties for employees

W00T! Nominally free Iron Man screening in San Fran! Act fast!

Iron Man Exclusive Trailer CrunchGear and TechCrunch are hosting a special event tomorrow, April 30 (Wednesday) in San Francisco – a special screening o

Customizable cup avoids that awkward 'is that my cup or yours?' party moment

I just did some research and apparently a “party” is a “social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement.” And at these parties, people drink any number of drinks from any

Boston CG Readers, come drink with us

TechCrunch is having a post Meet-up party that I think us CGers can crash. Thrill to seeing Doug Aamoth drink four shots at once, one in each orifice. Exclaim in mild wonderment at my burgeoning beer

10 Days of CrunchGear: The Birthday Party

Hello, New York! On Monday, August 20, 2007 from 7pm until 11pm, we’re going to hold a super fancy birthday party at Red Sky in Manhattan. There will be a open bar — the CG staff will hand

Nyko Wii Party Station

I think Nyko is pretty aware of its target demographic. Let’s see: they play games in small groups, hence charging stations for four Wiimotes. Then they have a strange little scoring read-out so