Automattic acquires analytics company

Automattic, the for-profit company tied to open-source web publishing platform WordPress, is announcing that it has acquired analytics provider Specifically, is now part of WPVIP, t’s new feature helps writers find topics that are (relatively) under-covered

Okay, I’ll admit it: Sometimes, I write stories because I think they’re going to be popular. And sometimes, those stories fall flat anyway. It makes sense — both on a cosmic level, becau Raises $5M For Predictive Analytics Platform That Helps Media Companies Decide What To Publish

<p dir="ltr"><a target="_blank" href=""> </a>has raised $5 million for its platform to do analysis of web site data that does natural language processing (NLP) to define sem

Content Optimization Platform Scores Biggest Customer Yet With Reuters; Now On Track For Profitability By Q1 2013

<a target="_blank" href=""></a>, the content optimization platform for publishers <a href="

Coders Can’t Put Writers Out Of A Job Yet, But We’d Better Watch Our Backs

Last week <a target="_blank" href="">The New York Times ran</a> a story by John Markoff about rob Will Launch Its Pageview-Generating Machine Called “Dash” This Month

<a href=""></a>, the stealthy data-driven predictive content optimization platform for publishers, is preparing to launch its first product called <a href="http://cogtree.w

DreamIt Releases Ten Startups Into The Wild

<img src="" width="202" height="66" /><em>Philadelphia based <a href="">DreamIt Ventures</a>, a pre-seed