• Mobile Parking Service Pango Makes Official U.S. Debut With New App, “Smart Garage” In NYC

    Mobile Parking Service Pango Makes Official U.S. Debut With New App, “Smart Garage” In NYC

    Anyone who’s ever driven in a city can attest to the fact that it’s an utter pain in the rear to find somewhere to park. New York in particular is a nightmare for skittish drivers (like myself), but mobile parking service Pango is poised to help ease the hassle of city cruising and parking. After launching in Israel in 2007, their zeal for expansion has prompted Pango to take… Read More

  • Free Parking: Black Hat conference attacks electronic parking meters

    As we move farther and farther into the digital age, we begin to see some serious problems with an all-digital lifestyle. Take parking meters, for example. As much as a pain as it is to root under your car seat looking for loose change to feed the meter, there aren’t too many ways to avoid actually putting money into a traditional meter. (Or maybe there are. I haven’t bothered… Read More

  • UK's Park Let launches a free parking space price-guide tool

    Now this is something that I’d like to see in the US considering that so many of us are paying ridiculous prices for our parking spaces. Park Let, the UK’s largest parking space letting agent, launched an online parking space price-guide tool today. It is the first real-time, location-specific tool available in the UK. Read More

  • Open parking spaces? Check your smartphone

    Nice work, San Francisco. Nice work. This fall, San Francisco will be testing a system of 4-inch by 4-inch mesh-networked bumps glued to 25% of the city’s parking spaces. The bumps will be linked to various wireless networks, which will relay parking information to a smartphone-friendly website and nearby street signs. So instead of driving around the block 15 times, you’ll be able… Read More

  • NYC's Robotic Parking Garage

    The Big Apple is catching on to the increasingly high demand for more parking and is solving the problem in Chinatown with robots. Automotion Parking Systems will be opening the first automatic, robotic parking garage in NYC next month. The garage will have only one attendant available to take cash payments and to explain the system to new users. Costing about $400 a month or $25 per day, a… Read More