Lambs, the radiation-proof underwear company formerly known as Spartan, is now selling beanies

Earlier this year, Spartan, the French manufacturer of a silver-lined underwear designed to block EMF radiation from cell phones and wireless routers, relocated to the U.S. and raised some capital fro

Scientists Are Preparing To Pull The Words Out Of Your Brain

<img src="" />Get out the tinfoil hats boys, paranoia just got real. A recent article published in the "<a

Finally! An anti-radiation sticker for phones!

If you’ve been worried about getting too much electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone, you can finally take off that tinfoil hat! A Belgian firm has announced that they have finally creat

Lessig: prepare for "i-9/11" and "i-Patriot Act"

Lawrence Lessig, a noted legal activist and futurist if you’re not familiar with him, theorizes an “i-9/11” (inside job or otherwise) after which the Government would expand its cont

Camera Detector Makes Me Uneasy, But Rocks

As if the three-day weekend’s drug bender I’m planning won’t make me paranoid enough, I run across this handy pocket camera detector. In a nutshell, it’s a bug sweeper on a mi