• NextStop Deal Is All About Facebook's Unquenchable Thirst For Top Talent

    NextStop Deal Is All About Facebook's Unquenchable Thirst For Top Talent

    Earlier today, Facebook acquired NextStop, a social travel recommendation service. There’s been some speculation as to why this deal went down. Is Facebook getting into the travel space? Is this about their unlaunched location offering? From what we’re hearing, it’s much more simple than that. It really just boils down to Facebook getting a few very talented people at a… Read More

  • Hints of a Facebook Operating System In New Design

    It’s become a common trope to say that Facebook and Google are vying to become the operating system of the Internet. But there are some very clear hints of that in Facebook’s upcoming new design, which it just opened up to today in a developer sandbox. (You can see it at, although you’ll need to download some libraries to start testing apps… Read More

  • Parakey: Did Investors Get Left Out In The Cold?

    When Facebook acquired Parakey in July, everyone assumed the stockholders of that fledgling startup would be popping the champagne bottles. No matter what the acquisition price (it wasn’t disclosed), if the sellers got Facebook stock in return for their Parakey shares, it would likely be worth a fortune down the road. It turns out that wasn’t the case. The acquisition price, say… Read More

  • FaceBook's First Acquisition: Parakey

    Their first acquisition: Facebook has bought Parakey, the yet-to-launch “web operating system” created by Firefox co-founders Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt. The price isn’t being disclosed, but Facebook should be issuing a press release this afternoon. Parakey was founded in 2005 and raised a seed round of financing from Sequoia Capital (although this was never confirmed). There is… Read More