• Make Your Own Steve Jobs Christmas Ornament

    This is a must-have for every Machead’s Christmas tree. Download the PDF and get your papercraft on. [ via 9to5mac] Read More

  • DIY: Cute Papertoys

    Need some toys to spruce up your desk? What better way to kill a little time on the weekend, show off your nerddom, and fancy things up a bit than papercraft? Read More

  • Papercraft CCTV camera

    Welcome to the police state! Please print out this handy mock CCTV camera, build it, and place it prominently in your bedroom in order to acclimate yourself to the 24/7 surveillance you will experience outside – and soon, inside – your domicile. Should you feel disconcerted or angry, this is natural. Now, more than ever, security means never having to say you’re sorry. Read More

  • Braid Papercraft brings your gaming to life

    True Braid fanboys are going to have a little Tim papercraft on their cubicle by the end of the day. David Hellman via Kotaku Read More

  • Papercraft SNES looks so real!

    I remember playing my SNES for hours and hours when I was in middle school. I should have been doing homework. And look at me now, slaving away at home to bring you pictures of cool papercraft SNESes when I could have a real job. via Boing Boing Read More

  • Papercraft Nazi Enigma Machines

    [photopress:slots.jpg,full,center] When I was first learning about encryption and encoding, I was fascinated by the Nazi’s Enigma Machine. This device confounded Allied forces in the early days of World War II and is considered by some to be an ancestor of the modern computer. It was a complex device with many dials and knobs, as well as a keyboards. A soldier had to be trained to use… Read More

  • Papercraft Bumblebee made of KFC buckets: I want one!

    If you’re in a repressive Communist country and have a little time to kill, what are you going to do? I mean, the Internet’s all censored, TV as well. You need a hobby, and this young man’s is papercraft, the art of sculpting complex and/or beautiful items out of paper and glue. But this guy’s gone to the next level, and we love it. Using nothing but cardboard from… Read More