Papaya wants to help electrify last-mile logistics in Europe

Internal combustion engines still rule the roost when it comes to powering automobiles, but there are signs that they’re trundling into oblivion, at least in some markets. The likes of Sweden, D

Papaya Global to buy Azimo for $150M-$200M to expand its payroll payments to more markets

Six months after raising $250 million, Papaya Global is making a key acquisition to expand its cloud-based HR and payroll platform globally on the heels of major surge in remote working. The Isra

Papaya raises $50M to give you a way to pay bills via its mobile app

Paying bills is hardly a fun thing. So I think it’s safe to say that any technology that can make the process easier is welcome by all. Papaya is a Los Angeles-based startup with a mission to do jus

Olfaguard is an electronic nose for smelling pathogens in food factories

Mitigating risk of food-borne illnesses can be a costly and time-consuming business for food manufacturers -- but one that is necessary. With what it calls an electronic "sniffer," Olfaguard, a new To

Social Gaming Network PapayaMobile Hits 25M Users

Today, <a href="">PapayaMobile</a>, the social gaming network for Android, is announcing a new milestone: it has topped 25 million users, which represents over 940% growth sinc