AT&T’s Pantech Element LTE Tablet Leaked, Arriving January 8

AT&T is slowly and steadily building up their portfolio of LTE-capable devices, and it looks like yet another has just broken cover. Due to be officially unveiled on January 8, the Pantech Element

AT&T Adds Five New Android Phones To Their Lineup

If you thought that AT&T's Android lineup was a bit lacking, then today's announcement just may change your mind. AT&T has pulled back the curtains on a fleet of <a href="http://www.prnewswire

AT&T and Pantech officially launch the ultra-slim Pantech Slate

We knew the thinnest QWERTY keyboard phone was coming, but AT&T and Pantech have officially launched the Slate. The phone measures less than one centimeter deep and is equipped with standard 200

Pantech Duo gets the Windows Mobile 6.1 treatment

Right after Helio worked with Pantech on the Ocean, Pantech cranked out the strikingly similar (albeit with less spring-loaded-slider goodness) Duo. This morning, Pantech announced that not only had a

Buzzwords: Pantech Slate is world's thinnest QWERTY phone (but Matrix looks nicer)

Here’s another phone that’s destined to be bought by dozens of people, the Pantech Slate. This AT&T-branded device, which is due for release later this month, comes with all the normal

Pantech launches the Matrix for AT&T, looks like an updated Ocean

Available starting today is the Pantech Matrix for AT&T. It features the same dual sliding keyboard from their Helio Ocean design in a much better looking form factor. Don’t get me wrong, I

Unboxing: Pantech C610 for AT&T

Pantech’s C610 clamshell was announced today for AT&T and we were lucky enough to have one dropped off at the office. The C610 isn’t a bad looking phone to be honest and is well equipped. It c

Hands on: Pantech C610 for AT&T

Pantech and AT&T just announced the C610 a few hours ago, and we’ve already splayed one out for the world to see. For only setting you back $49 bucks with contract (or $0, in some markets),

AT&T's remaining devices for 2008 leaked

Oh boy! Gear Diary has the inside scoop on AT&T’s remaining lineup of devices for the rest of the year and it looks pretty good. Lots of Windows Mobile 6.1 devices along with a few BlackBerr

Helio Ocean 2 in the wild

It seems a video of the Ocean 2 was up last night, but that’s clearly not the case now since we can only provide a screen shot. Not a whole lot to glean from the Heliocity message board, but it

KDDI au releases 12 new cell phones in Japan

Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier KDDI au yesterday followed DoCoMo and Softbank with their presentation of 12 new cell phones to be released this summer. The first models will be sold

Pantech Duo now in red, just in time for Valentine's Day (barf)

AT&T is all about red devices lately and, of course, they’re pushing them hard for Valentine’s day. Already in the red line-up is Samsung’s Blackjack II, LG’s Shine and Bla

Helio drops price of unlimited plan, again

Helio has once again dropped the price of their unlimited plan down to $99 from $145. You know the drill. Now drop on by your nearest store and take advantage while you can. The Ocean and Mysto are gr

Pantech's "Romantic Wave" – a good phone for your significant other

Feeling loverly? This cute little phone would go great with that purse, although if your girlfriend is a gearhead she may be disappointed. But who can resist that little pink jewel? Every time you sen

Pantech Duo Review

What would a week of “Smartphones Now” be without a review of a smartphone? A terrible one, I’m sure. So what are we going to look at today? The Duo from Pantech for AT&T. Not ex

Hands on with the Pantech Duo

After a dreadful day of sitting on the couch, sleeping on the couch and playing Assassin’s Creed from the couch since I was under the weather yesterday, I return to the CrunchGear/TechCrunch off

AT&T's Duo official today

The Pantech Duo (aka It’s-not-the-ocean) has been officialized today by AT&T. The Windows Mobile 6 smartphone is a true world phone, and will work in most countries supporting GSM. Like the

New Pantech C150 Mobile Phone Available Today

Starting today, AT&T customers will be able to purchase the Pantech C150 camera phone. For what it’s worth, the C150 was a recipient of “a 2006 iF design award for international excell

Pantech Maglev Floats And Amazes…I Think

Amidst the recent and much needed surge of mobile phones shedding weight. Pantech hopes to stand out with their newest phone that employs magnetic levitation. Maglev, as it’s called, basically allow

Helio is Off to See the Wizard

that Helio was likely preparing to release the Pantech PN-810 slider. The rumor today is that the new device will be dubbed the Helio Oz. With the Helio Heat just out of the furnace and the Drift stan
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