• Google shuts down Panoramio

    Google shuts down Panoramio

    Panoramio, the location-centric photo sharing service Google acquired in 2007, will show its last image on November 4. For the longest time, Google used Panoramio to augment its Google Maps and Google Earth services with crowdsourced imagery. Now that the company has integrated photo uploads into the Google Maps mobile apps and launched its Local Guides program, Panoramio clearly isn’t… Read More

  • Panoramio "Very Comfortable At Google," Co-Founder Says On Way Out The Door

    Google has an unfortunate history of buying companies — and then running them into the ground. Sometimes, this leads to a bit of ill-will between the Internet giant and the companies’ founders. We saw a perfect example of this when Dodgeball’s founders (including current Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley) quit Google in a huff. Today, the co-founder of another… Read More

  • Google Researchers Teach Computers Out How To Recognize Images Of Famous Landmarks

    Image recognition is still one of those things that humans find easy to do but computers keep stumbling over. Some Google researchers published a paper describing progress they are making in teaching computers how to identify famous landmarks, which may eventually be applied more broadly to image search in general. In a blog post, Jay Yagnik, the head of Cmputer Vision Research at Google… Read More

  • Google's Panoramio Launches Photosynth-like Flythroughs

    Microsoft’s Photosynth is undeniably gorgeous – it lets users “walk” through various locales by stitching together thousands of user-submitted photos to create a virtual 3D environment. Unfortunately, up until today this experience has only been available to Windows users. Cue Panoramio, a Spanish photo site that Google acquired in May 2007. Panoramio has just launched… Read More