ClimateView raises $2.5 million for its toolkit to visualize climate mitigation plans

ClimateView, a Swedish software development company working on monitoring and visualization tools for greenhouse gas emissions, said it has raised $2.5 million in its latest round of financing. While

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If you've wondered what you can do with your iPhone 5 panoramic photos, wonder no more. The folks at <a href="">CanvasPop</a> have proven that you can print your bi

After Nixing M&A Offers, Android Panorama Developer TeliportMe Nabs Funding From Bill Gross, 500 Startups

Last July, <a target="_blank" href="">TeliportMe</a> launched an Android app that allows users to capture and share panoramic images. The app, appropriately called <a target=

How To Enable Panorama Mode On Your iPhone – No Jailbreak Required

By now you probably know there's a <a href="">hidden camera feature</a> that people can enable on iOS 5 dev

Michael Jackson's sad, sad toy barn

These panoramas show the remains of MJ’s secret toy lair complete with C3-P0, Batman, and Darth Vader dolls along with some bikes, some Bruce Lee stuff, and a few lumpen Power Rangers. This is t