Panic will soon no longer sell Transmit for iOS

Panic Inc., the team behind a bunch of excellent iOS/Mac apps (like Coda, Transmit, and Prompt), are about to retire one of their products. Sometime “very soon”, Transmit for iOS will be taken off

Hey: Mac software haus Panic is having itself a 50 percent of sale

<img src="" />Panic, the maker of shockingly good Mac software, is having itself a nice little sale that you may want to take advantage o

Video crashes Quicktime, iPhones This is more of a denial-of-service than a

Apple stock still worth buying, says Citi and Goldman Sachs

Yes, we’ll soon all be at each other’s throats fighting over cans of soup, but Apple? It’s fine, despite that drop earlier in the week. That’s what Citi and Goldman Sachs say,

Sniffer confirms: Apple not rotten

Citizens, it is safe to remove your iPhones from their tin-foil wrappings. The alarm raised by Hackintosh member XianLi that Apple was sending out your International Mobile Equipment Identity with eve

ATHF Is the Bomb!

Here’s a video of the Boston bombers in action. I assure you that Al Queda will now commandeer this technique of “creating cartoon characters using LEDs” to take down most of Akron,