User Interviews, which helps companies recruit survey participants, raises $27.5M

Most companies agree that user experience is important. In a 2019 report from UserZoom, 70% of enterprise CEOs said that they see user and customer experience as a competitive differentiator. But figu

Panels Are A Waste Of Time, But They Don’t Have To Be

Two years ago, when I first co-founded <a href="">Earbits</a>, I started frequenting various startup events like so many other first-time founders. Some of them

Bright 3D Drive: Epson Introduces World’s First HTPS-TFT 3D Panel

Epson has been working on <a href="">HTPS</a> (high-temperature polysilicon)-based TFT panels <a href="

Breakthrough? New spreadable electrode may pave way for cheaper LCDs

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-146760" title="spreadable_electrode_lcd" src="" alt="" width="180" height="2

Video: Sony Xperia Panels interface on an HTC Touch Diamond

A group of tinkers have been hard at work getting the Panels interface from the Sony Xperia working on the HTC Touch HD. Progress is being made at a decent rate, as evidenced by a few YouTube videos t