New Data From Pando Offers A Glimpse Into The Massive Global Growth Of Freemium Gaming

Well, it looks like hardcore gamers would like to have a word with you, social and casual gamers. Yes, the stories in the media of late have been all about Rovio's Angry Birds skyrocketing past half a

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In July, <a href="">we covered a study released</a> by <a href="">Pa

Which States And ISPs Are Winning The Internet Speed Race In The U.S.?

As much as those in Silicon Valley get wrapped up in all the innovative technologies and businesses being built on top of and around the Internet, the fact of the matter is that there are still some s

BitTorrent Is Now Streaming Movies (With Ads). But Where's The Good Stuff?

For anyone who thinks that full-length movies on the Web are for downloading only should check out the Watch Now section on BitTorrent (you will need Flash Player 9 installed). Launched quietly on Dec