• Doug Reviews the Pandigital Novel: Not Such a Good Ebook Reader

    It runs Android! It has a screen! It’s cheap! What’s not to love. Apparently plenty, because good old Doug (remember him?) just looked at the Pandigital Novel, the latest member in the craplet family coming out of Asia these days. Here’s the money shot: Read More

  • Pandigital has itself a portable scanner, for photos!

    This is a scanner produced by someone by the name of Pandigital. It’s called the PhotoLink Handheld Scanner. It’s portable! Right, so it’s a portable scanner with a max resolution of 1800×1200 at 300dpi. That’s roughly 60 percent of the resolution Getty—they’re like the Associated Press of photography—uses. You can scan photos up to 4×6-inches… Read More

  • Pandigital adds touch-interface to photo frame borders

    Digital photo frames are going more hi-tech. Last week we told you about the new Kodak frames with a touch-interface border, and now Pandigital has introduced its PanTouch line of frames with similar touch-sensitive borders for controls. On-screen feedback acts as a UI, and they come in 10-inch, 8-inch, or 7-inch models for between $120-$250, depending on the size. Read More