• Paltalk Buys Tinychat As Video Messaging Apps Consolidate

    Paltalk Buys Tinychat As Video Messaging Apps Consolidate

    Mega-popular messaging apps like WeChat or WhatsApp today typically boast over half a billion (or even one billion) users, and now we are seeing some consolidation among some of the (slightly) smaller players, specifically on the video messaging front. Video chat service Tinychat has been acquired by Paltalk, another video messaging company that operates a service under its own name… Read More

  • If PRISM Is Real, Why Are All These Tech Companies Denying Participation?

    If PRISM Is Real, Why Are All These Tech Companies Denying Participation?

    PRISM is real. Even the U.S. government now acknowledges its existence. The question that remains unanswered, though, is how involved Google, Apple, Yahoo, AOL, Paltalk and Facebook were. These companies are all named as “providers” on the original slides, including the dates the NSA started collecting data from them. The reporter with the most direct access to these documents… Read More

  • OMGPOP’s Chief Revenue Officer Wilson Kriegel Becomes President, COO of Video Chat Startup Paltalk

    OMGPOP’s Chief Revenue Officer Wilson Kriegel Becomes President, COO of Video Chat Startup Paltalk

    Another one of Zynga’s recent departures has landed. Wilson Kriegel, who was OMGPOP’s chief revenue officer until the Draw Something maker was acquired for $210 million in cash and retention, is taking a president and chief operating officer role at New York-based Paltalk. He left Zynga, which bought OMGPOP, earlier this year, following a slew of other executive who have left… Read More

  • Skype 4.0 Beta: It's All About Video

    Skype is getting a major, much-needed upgrade: Skype 4.0. President Josh Silverman calls it the “biggest new release in Skype’s history.” The new software client, which which will be released here in beta tomorrow (for Windows only), takes up the whole screen. Video is front and center. “Our old UI was purpose-built for voice ,” Silverman tells me. (I put… Read More

  • Paltalk Brings Its Massive Multiperson Video Chat To the Web

    This morning, New York City-based chat company Paltalk is releasing a version of its multi-person video chat service on the Web in beta. Called Paltalk Express, it is a Flash version of the company’s download client. While the front end is Flash/Flex, the back end is built on Paltalk’s proprietary technology, which allows up to thousands of people to participate in a video… Read More

  • PalTalk Ventures Into Social TV

    Video and text chat service PalTalk is adding a new feature to their chat client, called “Screening Rooms”. Screening Rooms adds video streams to special PalTalk chat rooms where up to 5,000 users can watch videos simultaneously and chat about what’s going on. It’s like, but in their desktop client. Joost also has a little used chat feature in their… Read More

  • See, Hear, and Type to Amanda Congdon on Paltalk 9.0

    PalTalk, a video chat messenger, is rolling out its new 9.0 client over the next two days with the help of several celebrities, including blogger Ariana Huffington and Amanda Congdon of Rocketboom fame. Paltalk’s messenger client has all the basic IM chat features you expect including interoperability with AIM, Yahoo!, and ICQ, but distinguishes itself by throwing video and chat rooms… Read More

  • PalTalk to offer massive multiperson video chat for social networks

    The video chat company PalTalk will go live on Monday with a new social networking service designed to be a proof of concept for the inclusion of video chat in social networks. PalTalk already has a thriving business in powering huge video chat rooms but the company believes their technology is the next logical step to create what they call Social Networking 3.0. If the first iteration was… Read More