• Spotify sees a future with HP's Palm, launches on webOS

    Say what you will about Spotify‘s delayed US launch or whether its freemium model is ultimately flawed, but when it comes to rolling out mobile clients, the music streaming service can’t be bettered. While other companies set the bar at an iPhone app (and possibly Android), Spotify, with its European roots, has already gone where many dare not, developing a fully-fledged client… Read More

  • Talent Bleed At Palm Continues As Dev Leads Leave To Battle Closed Web "Dictatorships"

    Back in August, while we were in the middle of confirming an exodus of talent from Palm after their acquisition by HP, I specifically asked them about the status of two guys: Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer. Palm refused to say anything about them. Perhaps now we know why. As both have confirmed on their personal blogs today, as well as the HP/Palm Dev Center blog, they’re leaving… Read More

  • Palm's WebOS 2.0 Shows Up On YouTube

    WebOS was initially a bit of a disappointment, to be honest. Sure, there are die-hards that love it, but lets be honest, most people went with Android or the iPhone. Palm’s hoping to change all that with WebOS 2.0, and while there have been some still shots floating around, no one has seen any video until now. Check out the video after the jump. Read More

  • Just A Palm Tungsten C Running Android 2.1, That's All

    Why not breath new life into an older device like the Palm Tungsten C with a bit of tasty Android? I guess I should note that this install lacks WiFi, Bluetooth, audio, and internal storage as the release is booting from an SD card. Plus, take a closer look at the screen and you’ll notice it’s not quite right as the UI doesn’t seem to like the resolution. But at least the dude… Read More

  • Ustream Snags Former Palm PR VP Lynn Fox

    We hear that former Palm Vice President of Public Relations Lynn Fox has given up on her “Consult Until-I-Find-Another-Job Consulting” plans and landed a permanent gig at video streaming service Ustream. Her formal title will be VP of Corporate Communications and she will be reporting to Ustream CEO John Ham. Sources say that Fox is the first in a series of new hires at Ustream… Read More

  • Palm Patents A Palmtop Device With A Detachable Handset

    There’s no arguing that Palm doesn’t have creative ideas and their latest patent is more out-of-the box thinking. The patent covers a clamshell device — a Palmtop device if you will — that among other things, features a detachable handset. It appears the handset is something rather simple, with the Palmtop likely acting as the main device. It’s certainly clever. Read More

  • Who Is Left At Palm? Hint: Not Execs Katie Mitic Or Jeff Zwerner

    Who Is Left At Palm? Hint: Not Execs Katie Mitic Or Jeff Zwerner

    Back in June, we heard from a couple of good sources that an executive exodus was about to take place at Palm, as everyone waited for the HP deal to go through. We can now confirm that the exodus did in fact take place, and we have some names to prove it. We first reported earlier today that Peter Skillman, the Vice President of Design at Palm had left the company. But while he was very… Read More

  • The Man Who Designed The Pre Is The Latest To Leave Palm/HP

    The Man Who Designed The Pre Is The Latest To Leave Palm/HP

    The hits just keep on coming for HP. Hot on the heels of the massive story of HP CEO Mark Hurd’s resignation amid scandal, another high-level person has left the company. Peter Skillman, the Vice President of Design at Palm (which HP officially purchased in July) has left the company, we’ve confirmed. It’s not clear where Skillman is going next, but he had been with Palm for… Read More

  • HP Wants To Become Apple. WebOS Is The Key

    HP Wants To Become Apple. WebOS Is The Key

    In season 1 of AMC’s hit show Mad Men, Rachel Menken comes to the advertising firm Sterling Cooper because she wants to give her department store, Menken’s, a makeover, so to speak. She wants to transform it from a successful department store into an elite one. “What kind of people do you want [coming into your store]?,” Creative Director Don Draper asks Menken. Read More

  • HP files for “Palmpad” trademark

    A short time ago, HP applied to the USPTO for a trademark. “Palmpad.” I can’t be the only one who just gets a good feeling from this. We knew that HP was going to get their money’s worth from Palm when they nixed their Android plans and downplayed their Windows 7 tablet. While reports still have them making the latter in at least some form, statements from HP and… Read More

  • Everything You Need To Know About The Fragmented Mobile Developer Ecosystem

    Everything You Need To Know About The Fragmented Mobile Developer Ecosystem

    Considering the immense fragmentation that characterizes the mobile apps industry, it’s good to see decent research help us try and make sense of what’s going on in that particular part of the digital economy, one that is consistently growing in size and importance across the globe. Hence, I invite anyone with a vested interest in the mobile developer ecosystem to check out… Read More

  • HP Completes $1.2 Billion Acquisition Of Palm, Plans webOS Slate PCs And Netbooks

    HP Completes $1.2 Billion Acquisition Of Palm, Plans webOS Slate PCs And Netbooks

    As widely expected following the approval by Palm shareholders, the acquisition of the company by Hewlett-Packard for roughly $1.2 billion has today been announced closed. The price, as previously announced, is $5.70 per share of Palm common stock, paid in cash. Once again, HP repeats that it intends to double down on the innovative webOS platform and Palm’s line of smartphone. The… Read More

  • Palm pays developers to create applications

    Palm certainly has been working on getting their app store populated. They kicked off a promotion back in February, which is ending soon, and has resulted in over 400 developers splitting up their share of a million dollars. Palm is also trying to increase interest in their applications by offering a 50% discount on the majority of their catalog, starting immediately. The good news for… Read More

  • HP not out of the WebOS smartphone business after all

    Now doesn’t this make you feel better? Mark Hurd at HP originally said that there would be no more WebOS smartphones… but now there will be! A Christmas miracle! He said: When we look at the market, we see an array of interconnected devices, including tablets, printers, and of course, smartphones. We believe webOS can become the backbone for many of HP’s small form… Read More

  • Gadgets of days gone by: Palm III

    This week at CrunchGear, we’re looking back at some of our favorite gadgets from the not-so-distant past — old phones, computers, media players, toys… those devices that still stand out in our memories despite their obsolescence. Feel free to contribute some of your own nostalgia. The Palm III was the first truly portable computing device I ever owned. Oh sure, I had a laptop… Read More

  • Let's welcome Palm to the land of the living dead

    I’ve been bearish on Palm as a standalone platform since they launched last May and today the sadness-tinged chickens have come home to roost: Palm is now part of HP and, like the iPaq before it, the Pre and Pixi will slowly be subsumed into the company’s line-up. In fact, I couldn’t be happier for Palm. A recent perusal of HP’s line-up including their new Envy line… Read More

  • The top 5 HP products we would like to see, post-Palm buyout

    HP didn’t just drop $1.2 billion on Palm to simply sit on the assets. There have to be major plans in the works to leverage webOS and slam out some killer consumer devices. This could be huge for not only both companies, but for you and me. Read More

  • HP On Palm Acquisition: "Our Intent Is To Double Down On WebOS"

    HP On Palm Acquisition: "Our Intent Is To Double Down On WebOS"

    As you may have heard, HP has just announced the acquisition of Palm for $1.2 billion. It’s a massive move that HP hopes will reshape the mobile industry. I got a chance to talk with Brian Humphries, HP’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development, about the deal just now. “This is a great opportunity to take two Silicon Valley idols and put them… Read More

  • Palm Shake-Up Imminent, Rubinstein May Be Out

    Palm right now is a disaster. Its sales are going nowhere, its market share is plummeting, and try as it might, it can’t even find a buyer. Industry sources tell us that a major restructuring and management shakeup is imminent and CEO Jon Rubinstein may be replaced. This is still a rumor at this point, but it makes sense. Palm is suffering from a ton of unsold inventory, and it… Read More

  • Palm Post: Another Exec Set To Take Off

    Palm has seen better days. Following the departure of senior vice president of software, Michael Abbott (who landed at Twitter), the company has been offering packages to try and keep other executives around. That may not be working so well. Caitlin Spaan, Palm’s vice president of carrier marketing will be leaving the company shortly as well, we’ve learned. This was likely not an… Read More