palm pixi

  • GSM Palm Pixi makes an early appearance

    Rumor has it that Palm’s second webOS-powered device, the Pixi, is dropping October 20 on Sprint. However, just cause we hear speculation about the CDMA version doesn’t mean its GSM cousin wants to be left out in the cold. Read More

  • Palm's Full Monty

    Easily the quote of the night at Palm’s Developer gathering in San Francisco came from Katie Mitic, Palm’s senior vice president of product marketing. “We want to leave it all out there. You know, ‘The Full Monty‘,” she emphatically said when noting that Palm’s goal was to be more open. Anyone who has seen the 1997 British film of the same name… Read More

  • In other news, we got to see the Palm Pixi today. It's not too bad (but, really, no Wi-Fi?)

    You get the feeling that Palm had something to hide today. On the surface that makes no sense, considering it officially announced the Pixi, the company’s second webOS-based phone, this morning. (The company’s first webOS phone, the Pre, launched to much fanfare last May, owing to an almost Bill Goldberg winning streak-like level of hype.) But as you’re already aware, Apple… Read More