Palm OS

  • Palm OS: I remember when

    <aLike many of you, I used a Palm device back in the day. This was back in 1998 when mobile phones were only good for making phone calls, when unlimited Internet service was unheard of, and a personal organizer was normally made of paper. I remember the days of the green backlit device, with the graffiti handwriting recognition system, and that shark game to teach you how to use it. I… Read More

  • Palm OS, she is dead

    Palm CEO Ed Colligan just pulled the plug on Palm OS, destroying the hopes and dreams of millions of Palm lovers around the world. As a former Palm programmer, let me tell you that this news saddens yet cheers me: Palm OS is in a better place now. Colligan also mentions that the Pre will have an app store and Palm will have no control over the content. The Pre will hit other carriers in 2010… Read More

  • Palm cutting jobs, slashing a hole in our heart

    Palm is laying off an undetermined number of its 1,050 workers this week in an effort to stem the effects of the economy and Palm’s decreasing smartphone market share. While it’s not a shock – everyone is doing it! – Palm now has to deal with RIM and Android eating their lunch and iPhone essentially stealing the entire casual smartphone market out from under it. Read More

  • New Palm OS: ALP 3.0

    Alright, folks. Here we go. This is the new Palm OS, fresh out of Access, the company that bought PalmSource during the Great Post-.Com Boom Palm Upheaval. The OS supports Linux applications along with classic Garnet apps from the previous generation. Access has published PDFs on the OS and framework and there is some expectation that the OS will be hit Japan sometime this year and, if the… Read More

  • Palm OSDos phones coming next year

    Looking forward to new Palm phones? Well keep looking because we won’t have finished product until early next year. The new OS aka Nova should be hitting the streets around the holidays but there really won’t be any hardware to run it on until first half of 2009. Read More

  • A 'fireside chat' with Palm's CFO reveals zilch about the new OS

    I think we’re all pretty excited to see the new Palm OS. But no one at Palm seems to be willing to satisfy our curiosity by giving us even the smallest nugget of valuable information. Even in a relatively small question-and-answer webcast, Palm CFO Andy Brown dodges questions like they were eggs thrown at Steve Ballmer. What have we learned? That the OS has been in development for… Read More

  • Palm OS on the iPhone Need to run the latest in obsolete hardware? Try this proof of concept app called StyleTap that emulates Palm OS on your iPhone. It’s not out yet, but just imagine running Palm’s rockin’ PIM apps. Soooo hot. via ZDNet via Giz Read More

  • Smartphones Now: Palm OS Phones

    Palm, as a company, should need no introduction. The chameleon of a technology company has changed hands more times than a Hilton’s phone number, and is used just as often, too. The company essentially founded the concept of modern handheld computing back in 1996 with the Pilot 1000, and kept the platform evolving into what it is today, the secret behind the best-selling and popular… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: Whither Palm?

    My dad is an inveterate pack-rat and when I was home this weekend I was going through a copy of Bon Appetit from 2001. Don’t ask me why. On the back page was an ad for the Handspring Visor. It showed the Visor in four configurations — phone, black and white camera, MP3 player, and I think GPS. Each of these features required a separate piece of hardware along with some software. Read More

  • Welcome to Smartphones Now 2007

    It’s that time of year again… Smartphones Now time! Smartphones Now is our annual discussion of all things smartphones and will detail the ins and outs of a turbulent and exciting year, a year eclipsed by an 800-pound gorilla and witness to some spectacular flame outs. This is a year of transition, a time when Apple redefined the market and Microsoft played catch-up. New interfaces… Read More

  • Palm OS apps on Nokia tablet in action: Video

    That whole thing where you can run Palm OS apps on Nokia internet tablets, like the N770, 800, and the new 810? It’s not fake, and it seems pretty kickass. Above you see a photo of the VM in action, and I’ve given you a video after the jump. At first glance, it appears to be an academic hack, however when you consider the thousands of touchscreen-friendly apps available freely for… Read More

  • Heads Up: SlingPlayer Mobile For Palm OS Now Available

    Those of you who top-rock a Treo 700p should take note that SlingPlayer for Palm OS is now available for download to the public. The software is currently in beta-testing and is available for anyone to download – just remember it’s beta, so it might screw your device up, it might not. Enjoy it while it lasts though, because SlingMedia will be charging $30 for the final version when… Read More

  • Access Renames Palm OS, Fanboys Look On Accusingly

    , has made yet another move to make Palm fanboys cry: The Palm OS is now called the Garnet OS. WTF. This means that the last vestiges of the operating system that started the modern handheld and smartphone computing industries is nothing more. Gone are the masturbatory jokes and good-natured puns. While the Garnet OS is in every other way the successor to the Palm OS, losing the Palm name… Read More

  • Imitation Is King: iPhone Skins Appear For WM 5.0, Palm OS

    Looks like people are already attempting to imitate the iPhone. A Windows Mobile skin that resembles the iPhone’s interface has been released but quickly taken down thanks to Apple’s crack team of lawyers. There’s also a version for the Palm OS that’s still up, but you better grab it quickly before it gets pulled. You can score it here. Apple Bullies Bloggers, Again… Read More

  • ACESS Announces ALP Delayed Till '07

    Palm OS and cell phone developers have been waiting patiently for ACCESS to release the development environment for ALP, or ACCESS Linux Platform, the company’s successor to the aging Palm OS. ACESS had told developers that it would release the package by the end of the year, however a statement on its Website today says that the deadline will not be met. Further, the statement notes that… Read More

  • Symbol Dropping Palm Like A Bad Habit

    Sorry Palm, but no one likes you anymore. Yet another company is dropping development for Palm OS. Symbol Technologies announced last week that as of January 2007, it would no longer be shipping Palm products. This should come as no surprise though, as Symbol has been letting folks know that Palm has pretty much sucked compared to Microsoft’s increasingly-popular Windows Mobile… Read More

  • Smartphones Now: Palm OS

    Though it sits behind RIM and its BlackBerries in market share in the US, the Palm OS is still a powerful operating system that is favored by many users who swear by its reliability and ease of use. First introduced with the original Pilot 1000 back in 1996, the OS has grown in functionality and robustness while conversely becoming easier to use. Read More

  • PalmSource to Change Name to Access

    PalmSource, the manufacturer of the Palm OS, is undergoing yet another name change. Access, the Japanese mobile software maker and parent company of PalmSource, is apparently absorbing the company into its Access brand. While the Palm OS will still be called such, PalmSource will now be known as Access. This divestment of the Palm-themed monicker is not a good omen for Palm fanboys, as many… Read More