Pakistan Lifts Its Three-Year Ban On YouTube

YouTube has become available in Pakistan today, ending a three-year-ban on the Google-owned video site.

Tech Infrastructure In The Developing World

More than a billion people do not have access to cellular networks, three billion people live without phones and five billion people do without Internet access. While billions became connected to phon

Facebook Brings Its Controversial Initiative To Pakistan

Facebook's initiative to provide basic internet access for free has been heavily criticized over the past few months, but its business as usual for the U.S. company after its service roll

WordPress Blocked In Pakistan

According to multiple local outlets, Wordpress blogs are currently not accessible in Pakistan and pointing the blockage at the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). TechCrunch has not been able

Pakistan’s Sindh Province To Ban Skype, Viber For 3 Months Over Terrorist Usage, Demanding More Data Access

Pakistan is known for a <a target="_blank" href="">long-standing ban</a> on YouTube and occasional blocks of sites like Facebook and Twi

Verdict On Pakistan YouTube Ban Delayed As Case Is Moved To High Court Full Bench

The year-long saga of the Pakistan government's <a target="_blank" href="">YouTube</a> ban has just taken another twist, as a case to unblock the website has been referred to a

Pakistani Activists Smell A Mole In Government’s Proposed YouTube Filtering Plan

After ignoring repeated requests to appear in a court case challenging the Pakistan government's year-long YouTube blackout, the country's elusive IT minister is expected to appear at a hearing later

Pakistan Government-Backed Incubator Seeds Local Investor Appetite

Ali Rehan and his university cohorts had just won<a target="_blank" href=""> Pakistan's Startup Weekend hackathon</a> when they decided to quit their PhD research proj

India-Pakistan Rivalry Shelved In Grocery Startup’s Cross-Border Expansion

The sixty-year old feud between two bitterly divided neighbours has not dettered Indian grocery marketplace AaramShop from picking Pakistan as the first port of call in its global expansion. The curry

Pakistan’s YouTube Ban Is Lifted And Then Reinstated As Observers Worry About Internet Freedom

Pakistan lifted, then <a target="_blank" href="">very quickly reinstated its ban on YouTube </a>after a fe

Pakistan’s PKNIC Says Hackers Exposed A Hole During Security Upgrade To Redirect, And Hundreds More; Now Resorting To Whitelisting

Pakistan's domain registry provider PKNIC has <a target="_blank" href="">posted an explanation</a> of what it says happened when visits to a <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.c

Report: Pakistan Blocks Twitter Over Blasphemous Content, Facebook Complies? [Update: Back Up]

Another day, another example of a country making it harder for its people to use the web and some of its most effective channels of communication? There are reports coming in from Pakistan that it has

Angry mob attacks Nokia store in India

Nokia’s maps caused a big stir in Jabalpur city, India, because they show Kashmir as being part of Pakistan. Led by members of the youth wing of BJP, one of India’s political parties, an a

UAV drone crashes in Pakistan

I’m sure there are more of these scattered, undiscovered, throughout the Kush but it seems that Pakistan has found and captured an armed UAV during its reconnaissance of South Waziristan. &#8220

Resurgent Taliban bans music-playing cellphones in areas of Pakistan

Guess there’s no VibeTonez in certain parts of Pakistan. A recent crackdown by the Taliban in Pakistan’s tribal regions means that, among other things, men must grow traditional Islamic be