Pair Eyewear, the Warby Parker for kids, launches today

In February of 2010, Warby Parker launched into the world and became a global brand and eventually a unicorn. And today, Pair Eyewear wants to do the same. Pair, the brainchild of Sophia Edelstein and

Rumors of the demise of augmented reality developers have been greatly exaggerated

Andrew Kemendo Contributor Andrew Kemendo is founder and chief executive of Pair. With the announcement of Apple’s ARKit, I’ve been bombarded with questions about what ARKit means for Augmented Re

Pair, The Mobile App For Two, Buys UK’s Cupple And Rebrands As Couple

<a target="_blank" href="">Tenthbit</a>, the Y Combinator-backed mobile app studio behind the couples app Pair, is doubling down (literally) on its business ambitions: the compa

Pair vs. Pair: Pair The App Is Getting Sued By Pair Networks, The Hosting Company

It was <a href="">less than a week ago</a> that Tenthbit, the developers of the buzzy, new

Look Out Pair, Cupple Is Out To Break Up This Cosy Private Sharing Party

While <a href="">Pair</a> are popping champagne corks <a href="">at their

Yuri Milner, Dave Morin, SV Angel, CrunchFund And More Hook Up Pair With $4.2M

For a social network that's, for lack of a better term, monogamous, social network for couples <a href="">Pair</a> has just raised funding from so many high-profile investors I'm