PadPivot NST Review: The Best Available iPad Stand Just Got Better

I've seen a lot of iPad stands in my day. Comes with the territory. But only one has ever earned a regular place in my gadget bag and on my desk: A <a target="_blank" href="

PadPivot Nearing $40k In Kickstarter Funding, Shipping To Europe Now Possible

PadPivot hit Kickstarter with the force of dodgeball thrown by a fat kid. The novel tablet stand quickly hit its $10,000 funding goal and kept climbing. As of this post’s writing, the project is

Kickstarter: The PadPivot Might Be The First True Universal, Multi-Function Tablet Stand

<img src="">That about does it. The PadPivot must be the last novel idea in tablet stands. Shut down the Chinese design factories. This