Packard Bell

What fathers do

Some fathers do these things. Some fathers go to the Columbus Public Library used book sale in about 1980 and buy five big boxes of books on every topic. They place those books in a playroom and they

Acer Reveals 10.1-inch Honeycomb Packard Bell Liberty Tab

Say hello to the Packard Bell Liberty Tab. This 10.1-inch Nvidia Tegra 2 tablet packs Honeycomb and all the rest of goodies pretty much standard on next-gen Android tablets: dual cams, multi-touch scr

Packard Bell enters the netbook game with the dot

Everyone’s favorite ’90s computer brand has a rock’n 8.9-inch netbook that seems to stand above the manufacturers former reputation. The Packard Bell┬ádot and is built around a full

Yeah, so Packard Bell won't be coming back to America any time soon (and probably not ever)

Time heals all wounds? Not if you’re the Packard Bell brand in America. At the Acer dog and pony show today, the company’s execs went on and on about how its goal of using its three brands

Acer Will Grow Gateway, Get Access To Packard Bell

So for $710 million, Acer bought Gateway — the same company that was worth $7 billion back in 1997 and purchased eMachines in 2004. Its fall from grace is a testament to the impor

Lenovo Wants Packard Bell

PC manufacturer/IBM buyer Lenovo today declared its intent to purchase Packard Bell. So far, not many details are available about the acquisition. Seems both companies would rather not comment on the

Breaking: Packard Bell Still in Business, Making GPS Units

I was supposed to write about these nifty GPS units just announced by Packard Bell, but in researching my story I came across something more noteworthy: Packard Bell is still a company. Formed in LA i