• CrunchDeals: Tonium Pacemaker portable DJ system for $399 (until 1PM Eastern)

    Amazon’s got a nice deal on the Tonium Pacemaker portable DJ system until 1:00 PM Eastern today. Normally selling for $499, you can get an extra $100 off as one of Amazon’s daily Gold Box deals. Read More

  • Not all gadgets suck: 500,000th pacemaker successfully installed

    It’s pretty easy, in this day and age, to get frustrated with technology, and lose sight of how awesome our world is as a result of technological innovation. Every now and then some piece of news will come along to remind us of how great technology can be, leading us on an adventure of knowledge, and restoring our appreciation for science. Today, that news is word that the 50,000th… Read More

  • Review: Pacemaker DJ gadget

    Everybody wants to be a DJ. Ever since the first iPod, DJ’s have been waiting for the ability to mix from a handheld. Jobs, in all his wisdom, never saw fit to allow tempo changes so that tracks could be seamlessly mixed. There have been a couple of interesting attempts, including two notable mixers from Numark, but nothing as portable as an iPod. Enter the Pacemaker from Tonium. Read More

  • Quick Look at the Pacemaker DJ Device

    I apologize in advance for this video but I’m trying my hardest to make great mixes on my Pacemaker. Sadly, the fact that I’m old and live in my attic is causing a severe reaction to cool. The system is actually pretty cool. You start playing a song, beat match and cue up another one, rinse, repeat. It has a 120GB hard drive built in and the touchpad works quite smoothly. Once you… Read More

  • Ooh, an updated Pacemaker (the DJ device-thing) on the way this spring

    Wannabe DJs everywhere will have the opportunity to play with an updated Pacemaker this spring. It’s just like being Hernán Cattaneo, only without the fame, fortune and living like a night owl. Read More

  • If you buy a song from Beatport this month you could win a lot of free stuff

    Flickr’d Online music store Beatport, which specializes in electronic and house and all that fun stuff, has quite the holiday contest going on right now. From now until December 23 buying a song there enters you to win two prize packs. The prize includes that handheld Pacemaker DJ device, a copy of Traktor Scratch Pro, red and white control vinyl, V-Moda Vibe headphones, $100 worth… Read More

  • CES 2008: Pacemaker portable DJ system: Pretend you're Victor Calderone

    [photopress:pacemakerrrr.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Pacemaker
    Description: A pocket-sized DJ system
    Price: 520 Euros, or $763 (right now—I’m sure that’ll change by the time it comes out)
    In-store date: February 2008
    Site: Pacemaker [Tonium]
    Why it’s cool: Really? Why is it cool? It’s a complete DJ system in your pocket, for starters. It’s also a DAP… Read More

  • Pacemaker Pocket DJ Better Be Real 'Cause I Needs to Mix

    Dear Space Jesus, please tell us this Pacemaker pocket DJ is real. Who could resist a 120GB hard drive and the ability to mix and crossfade all the ATB and AVB you can stomach? (For Vince and I that’s quite a bit. In fact, we’ll be raving to ATB next week. Come join us.) Battery life is only so-so, though, lasting only five hours while mixing, barely enough to put together an… Read More