Inside Atari’s rise and fall

By the first few months of 1982, it had become more common to see electronics stores, toy stores, and discount variety stops selling 2600 games. This was before Electronics Boutique, Software Etc., an

Romaine Jerome Targets The Wealthy Arcade Lover With New Pac-Man Watch

This watch probably costs the equivalent of all the money I put into arcade games as a kid. Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome helps you once again recall your video-game addicted youth with a limited edi

Pac'n Twit: Pac-Man Twitter Client For The iPhone

<img src="" /> It's not that the App Store suffers from a lack of Twitter clients, but this new one is too cool to pas

Moleskine Celebrates Pac-Man's 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Notebooks

<img src="">Add a couple XP to your geek credibility skill with these Pac-Man-themed limited edition Moleskine notebooks. Both h

Y'all spent 4.8 million hours playing Google Pac-Man

<img src="" />Good job, everyone. Research firm Rescuetime says y'all spent (wasted?) 4.8 million hours playing <i>Pac-Man</i> on the

Pac-Man greets Google visitors

An exciting thing happened to people who actually visit the Google homepage (rather than just using their Web browser’s built-in search box) today. They found Pac-Man, celebrating his 30th anniv

Pac-Man bookcase sacrifices shelf space to make room for mouth wedge

<img src="">Will nobody address the elephant in the room when it comes to this awesomely wonderful Pac-Man bookcase? The mouth wedge ea

Luckily, only 500 of these ridiculous Pac-Man watches will be made

<img src="" />As a fan of retro game stuff in general, I'm always on the lookout for cool Pac-Man/Space Invaders/Robotron 2084 stuff. Unfor

Very cool Pac-Man business card holder

<img src="" /> Remember the business card case shaped <a href="

These Pac-Man 30th anniversary Zippos are very cool

<img src="" /> Namco's <a href="">Pac Man</a> was first released in Japan May 22, 19

Wedding cake made from 80 Pac-Man cupcakes

<img src="">Oh… my… word. As if a giant rendition of Pac-Man made out of cupcakes wasn’t enough, this thing is a weddin

Video: Pac Man: The Movie


Pac-Man gets festive in Spain

Wow. This is amazing. I wish it were in NYC, but alas, it is not. This Pac Man pyramid resides in Madrid. Unfortunately, Nicholas is in class and unable to translate for us, but it’s clear what

The Unreasonable Stance: Nostalgia aside, Pac-Man still beats Halo in every category

Devin Coldewey Contributor More posts by this contributor Your website can now opt out of training Google’s Bard and future AIs Medium hints at a nascent media coalition to block AI crawlers I d

Digital Life 2007: The Mascots

I have no idea why Popeye and Olive Oyle were at Digital Life, but Pac-Man was repping Namco and looked really happy to be walking around in a hot mascot suit all day. After the jump, Popeye and a dir