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Prolific raises $32M to train and stress-test AI models using its network of 120K people

AI, when it works well, can feel like magic, but all too often AI-based systems don’t work as they should: If the data used to train models is not deep, wide and reliable enough, any kind of cur

Gilead Sciences to acquire Oxford University biotech spinout MiroBio for $405M

U.S. pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences has announced plans to acquire Oxford University biotech spinout company MiroBio in an all-cash deal worth $405 million. MiroBio is a clinical-stage company f

UK’s Oxford Quantum Circuits snaps up $47M Series A for ‘QaaS’

Quantum computing has been making quantum leaps of progress in the last several years — going from theoretical concept to multiple testing environments, to help organizations prep for a time whe

This startup hopes photonics will get us to AI systems faster

The problem with waiting for quantum computing to bring in the next wave of AI is that it’s likely to arrive a lot slower than people would like. The next best options include increasing the speed o